Ogilvy: Five Trends Brand Strategists Must Consider

By Dan Brenikov
Ogilvy, May 24, 2018

Last week in New York, PSFK held a conference that brought together influential thinkers in branding, technology, retail, marketing and more to discuss the latest in how these spaces continue to intersect, and how consumer behavior affects all of it. We came out of the conference with some key takeaways, trends that appear to be crucial for those in marketing—particularly brand strategists—to keep top of mind. ...

5. Brands Need A Purpose, And Need To Live It

You’ve probably heard some of the hype; but a siloed CSR initiative or hollow gesture is not enough – brands need to live their values. Millennials and GenZ in particular are using their wallet to support brands that share their values. ...

&pizza is a fast-food chain that has been built around culture from the ground up: the “&” in the name reflects the values of connection, inclusion and unity. Some aspects of their culture are pretty inspiring:

  • They open stores in under-served neighborhoods that other chains won’t take a chance on. ...
  • Their founder and CEO doesn’t just support raising the minimum wage, he is an active member of the lobby group Business for a Fair Minimum Wage.
  • They build tools to help their employees feel included as the company grows. If an employee has an HR issue, needs local advice, or just wants to change the music in the restaurant, they can text a 24/7 service just for employees.

Takeaway: Brands can’t fake values or expect to build equity from jumping on bandwagons, they need to cultivate and create a heritage of their own values. 

Dan Brenikov is Director, Engagement Strategy at Ogilvy in New York.

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