Nation's Restaurant News: Minimum wage set to rise in more than 20 states

By Ron Ruggless
Nation's Restaurant News, Nov 20, 2018

More than 20 states and a number of municipalities will be increasing the minimum wage just before or on New Year’s Day 2019, including recent statewide increases approved by voters in Arkansas and Missouri. Voters in both states turned out Nov. 6 in record numbers to raise the minimum wage, and other states have already approved graduated increases scheduled to go into effect with the turn of the calendar year. ...

Some commerce groups, such as Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, supported raising the minimum wages in November’s Arkansas and Missouri initiatives.

“The minimum wage just hasn’t kept up with the cost of living, and paying higher wages has real bottom-line benefits,” said Howard Hanna, owner of The Rieger in Kansas City, Mo., in a statement. “I’ve seen lower turnover and less kitchen waste, which saves us money, and better customer service that helps turn guests into regulars.”

In Arkansas, Capi Peck, owner of Trio’s Restaurant in Little Rock, said the higher wage had helped reduce turnover. 

“Our low turnover is invaluable from a bottom-line and customer-service perspective,” Peck said. 

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