PA HomePage/ WBRE/WYOU-TV: State Leaders Push to Raise the Minimum Wage: Labor and Industry Secretary Visits One Point Facility

By Jayne Ann Bugda
PA Homepage/ WBRE/WYOU-TV , May 23, 2019


Labor and Industry Secretary Jerry Oleksiak is pushing for a $15 an hour minimum wage. He toured the One Point Facility in Scranton Thursday morning. The company supports raising the minimum wage and credits paying a living wage for its hourly employees as the key to their growth and success.

"The current minimum wage was established in 2009. If it was minimum wage then what is it now? The other thing is a lot of people making 7.25 an hour are on government subsidies. It'd be nice to get them off government subsidies so they can take care of their own expenses," said Patrick McMahon, President of One Point.

The state says an increase in minimum wage will affect two million Pennsylvanians.

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