Cape Gazette: Minimum wage bill heads to House

By Melissa Steele
Cape Gazette, April 23, 2021

Corporate behemoth Amazon has waded into Delaware's minimum wage battle with a recent campaign supporting a $15 starting wage for all. Senate Bill 15, which would raise Delaware's minimum wage to $15 an hour for all workers, moved through committee April 21 and now awaits action in the House.

“Maintaining the status quo on Delaware’s minimum wage, which is one of the lowest in the mid-Atlantic region, isn’t just unfair to hourly workers, it’s also a missed opportunity to strengthen our economy,” said an Amazon spokesman when asked about why Amazon had taken out full-page advertising in favor of SB 15. ...

Two Rehoboth Beach business owners ... support the $15 minimum wage.

“We raised our own employee wages to at least $15 an hour because we know that when people earn a living wage, it’s better for them and for our business. Our staff have more pride in their work, provide better service, and are more invested in our company. Raising the minimum wage will strengthen Delaware’s workforce and businesses,” said Ryan Peters, co-owner and company director of RISE Fitness + Adventure, in a Business for a Fair Minimum Wage press release.

Lisa Marks, owner of Atlantique Gifts and Décor, said people who earn a living wage can inject more money back into the community. “Higher water raises all boats. It benefits all of us for our economy to be strong,” she said in the same press release.

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