Delaware State News: Supporters push for $15 minimum wage in Delaware

By Craig Anderson
Delaware State News, May 19, 2021

With employees making a $15 hourly wage, there’s less staff turnover and retraining needed.

That’s according to Canalside Inn owner Kristen Deptula, who currently pays five workers what some want to see as Delaware’s minimum wage by 2025.

Also, the Rehoboth Beach business owner believes higher paid employees are more likely to spend money.

“They’re able to have a little flexibility with their budget and can go out and have some fun while putting money back into the economy,” she said on Tuesday.

“And they’re happier, too. They’re going to work better, be more efficient in their duties, and provide better customer service to our guests because they might not be dealing with as much stress that can come with finances.”

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