Kansas City InfoZine: On Friday, the federal minimum wage is set to rise

Kansas City InfoZine, July 24, 2009

Nearly 1,000 business owners and executives including Costco CEO Jim Sinegal, U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce CEO Margot Dorfman and small business owners from all 50 states, have signed a statement supporting the current minimum wage increase.

Richard Johnson is president of Associated Merchant Services in Nashville, Tennessee, Johnson said yesterday: "There is no rational reason why our society should allow some people to earn enough to own five mansions while those who pick their fruit, do their laundry and pick up their garbage can't even afford a small house. Picking fruit and picking up garbage is hard work, and why shouldn't someone who is willing to do that be rewarded with enough income to enjoy a decent lifestyle?"

Richard Ketring is president of VHS Cleaning Services in Ashland, Wisconsin. He said yesterday: "I signed the Business for a Fair Minimum Wage statement in favor of the minimum wage increase. The employees of my company are the backbone of the business. When we raise the incomes of the lowest paid employees, the money is immediately spent and flows instantly into the economy. The increased income can also make for less turnover and more reliable workers as it reduces the stress that many minimum wage workers experience as they work extra jobs, juggle day care, work when sick or don't receive needed medical care -- causing further distress later."

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