KQTV: MO Minimum Wage to Rise in the New Year

By Ron Johnson
KQTV2 (ABC), Dec 27, 2020

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) ...In 2020, Missouri’s minimum wage will rise from $8.60/hr to $ 9.45/hr. In downtown St. Joseph, many shared their opinion on the changes, they said the rise is a step in the right direction to balancing wages with the rising cost of living. ...

Those who own small businesses downtown also expressed support for the wage increase.

"We’re strong supporters of treating our employees fairly," Andrew Montee, owner Mokaska Coffee Co. said. "People who work hard should be paid fairly and accordingly,"

Montee added that the higher wage could also mean good news for the local economy as employees will likely have more money to spend in the community.

"That kind of allows for it to stay contained and benefit the downtown community and St. Joe as a whole," Montee said. ...

"It's a step in the right direction, and we’d like to continue moving forward with some of these progressive ideas," Montee said. ...

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