KOAA News: Colorado workers get bigger paychecks with minimum wage hike

By Andy Koen
KOAA News, Jan 17, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Thousands of Coloradans are getting bigger paychecks this month. The state's minimum wage rose to $12 per hour on New Year's Day. It is the fourth structured minimum wage increase to occur under Amendment 70, which was passed by voters in 2016. ...

Higher wages have been a consistent part of Richard Skorman's business model for his four downtown enterprises. He said he purposely pays his 55 employees a living wage and benefits as a matter of principle. That decision has some benefits.

"It's not an easy economy for workforce recruitment these days. So, we want to be extra careful to make sure that we keep people," Skorman said.

He believes paying lower wages increases turnover, which can be a burden on business.

"You're going to constantly having to train and educate," Skorman said. "So, one of our keys to our businesses success, we think, is having a knowledgeable employees who really know books, know toys, can really work with customers." ...

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