Fredericksburg Free Lance Star and Augusta Free Press (VA): Victoria McKoy: Small businesses can’t thrive if workers can’t live

Op-Ed By Victoria McCoy
Augusta Free Press (VA) and Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star, March 3, 2020

While national economists like to reference the “lipstick index,” I like to use a real-world measure that tells me how my community is doing. Let’s call it the “beauty salon chair index.”

The theory of the lipstick index is that in hard times women buy more lipstick because it’s the one splurge they can afford. My beauty salon chair index shows the opposite—that women get more haircuts and treatments when times are good and they have a little extra money in their pocket.

I am the owner of Glamystique Hair Salon in Norfolk. I’ve been here 15 years and hope to see another—even better—15. I’m a Norfolk native with grandchildren here and want them to grow up with a strong economy and community around them. Many of my clients know me from church or from the neighborhood.

My business isn’t just a bottom-line operation, it’s my community. And like my business, my community could use the economic boost that would come from raising the minimum wage statewide to $15 an hour. ...

Victoria McKoy is the owner of Glamystique Hair Salon in Norfolk and a member of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage.

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