Palm Beach Post: White House touts Trump jobs plan ahead of last South Florida rally

By Antonio Fins
Palm Beach Post, Oct. 30, 2020

... The [$15 minimum wage] amendment has picked up support from small-business owners, too.

Jennifer Todd, owner of LMS General Contractors in Pompano Beach, a 10-employee company specializing in demolition of buildings and disaster relief work said she supports the constitutional amendment.

She said better wages helps companies recruit better employees, and then retain them.

"Minimum wage, it boosts the economy and supports regular people," she said, adding that it allows employees to cover day care, rents, bills. "When a person goes to work, their focus should be on their job itself not how much they cannot afford. The real-life issues. Because it cuts into your productivity."

Increasing the minimum wage, in a phased-in, measured way ultimately boosts the economy, she said.

"Americans are big consumers," Todd added. "You have to think if I am a person who works at a hotel and I begin to get paid more, that means of course I can afford to spend more. So you're still putting the money back into the economy."

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