Gov. Wolf calls for minimum wage increase

By WJET / WFXP /, May 26, 2021

Governor Wolf today called on the General Assembly to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $12 an hour, with a path to $15. ...

The governor was joined today by Rep. Patty Kim, prime sponsor of HB 345 to raise the minimum wage, and local business owners Peter Barber, President, CEO and Co-owner of Two Dudes Painting Company and Jennie Groff, CEO and Co-owner of Stroopies, Inc. ...

“We’ve been in business for almost 35 years, and fair pay has been central to our success,” said Peter Barber, CEO of Two Dudes Painting Company in Lancaster, a full service painting company with more than 65 employees. “Our turnover is low, which saves us money and time. More experienced employees do better quality work, are more reliable, and provide better customer service. Raising Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $15 by 2027 will strengthen businesses and our economy.”

“Our experience as a small company demonstrates that paying livable wages is not only doable, it is good for business,” said Jennie Groff, CEO of Stroopies, Inc. a Lancaster food manufacturer in retail, wholesale and online distribution with 18 employees. “When your workers are cared for, they’ll be your biggest assets. $7.25 an hour is too low to live on. By raising the minimum wage, we will invest in our workers, support the growth of our businesses, and build a stronger Pennsylvania.”

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