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By Samantha Bernt
10/11 NOW (Lincoln), Nov. 7, 2022. Also KNOP-TV (NBC 2) North Platte, NBC Nebraska Scottsbluff, KSNB-TV (NBC 4) Hastings.

One of the two initiatives for voters on Tuesday’s ballot will be to decide if Nebraska should raise minimum wage. ...

“For years now, wages just have not caught up with the cost of living and it makes it very difficult for families raising children who have to make the difficult decisions to put food on the table or pay their rent,” said Kate Wolfe, campaign manager for Raise the Wage Nebraska.

Wolfe said about 300 local businesses have signed on to support the measure, many of which already pay above minimum wage. David Titterington, owner of Wild Bird Habitat Store, said bumping employees’ pay is beneficial to more than just their pocket books.

“That retention rate is well above five years for our employees,” Titterington said. “So it saves us money, we’re not retraining people and reintroducing our staff to our customers.” ...

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