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By Brad Bell
ABC 7News, Annapolis, Feb 27, 2023

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (7News) — At the Rise Up coffee shop in Annapolis, the notion of raising Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 an hour this year instead in 2025 is a popular one among those making the lattes.

“It’s really important to support small businesses in the community and if that means putting money into the little guy I think it’ll eventually work out for everyone in the long run,” says Tyler a worker at the coffee shop. ...

[Governor Wes] Moore hosted an unusual public discussion featuring union leaders and business owners who support his plan, including the founder and CEO of popular pizza chain &Pizza, who claims higher wages boost his profits.

“Every time we’ve raised wages, we’ve seen worker productivity increase, turnover decrease, and just better level unit economics in all of the pizza shops,” says Michael Lastoria, CEO of &Pizza. “So, it works for us and I have to believe that because it works for us it works for everyone.”

Gov. Moore also testified before a House committee today in support of what he calls the Fair Wage Act, which he made a core campaign promise, as those back at the coffee shop well know. ...

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