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Nebraska is projected to adopt a $15 minimum wage for workers after support from 59% of voters in the state.

ABC News, Nov 9, 2022

Some business owners, like Amelia Rosser, the owner of Sheelytown Market Garden, say a higher minimum wage would help businesses keep employees.

"I don't want turnover," Rosser said. "I want to have the people here who also want to be doing this forever and working right alongside me in a partnership."

While Rosser is already paying her employees $15 an hour, she hopes voters pass initiative 433. ...

In a public hearing at University of Nebraska Omaha, supporters and opponents made their case. ...

"Raising the minimum wage will enable workers to spend more at local businesses across Nebraska," said Denise Bowyer, Nebraska Business for a Fair Minimum Wage. ...


Earlier version aired by KETV Omaha (7 ABC) Omaha, Oct 11, 2022.