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By Andy Medici
The Business Journals, June 23, 2023

Minimum wages are set to increase July 1 as debate rages on. ... On July 1, Nevada, Oregon and Washington D.C. will raise their minimum wages alongside Chicago, San Francisco and Montgomery County, Maryland, among others. ...

Some small-business owners are welcoming the wage increases.

Jared Meyers, owner of Legacy Vacation Resorts in Reno, Nevada, and elsewhere, said the coming increase in the minimum wage will help boost hiring and retention.

“And when employees are paid fairly and aren’t distracted by a second job or continual financial stress, their lives are better, our guest experience is better and our business does better,” Meyers said in a statement.

Aaron Seyedian, owner of Well-Paid Maids in Washington, D.C., and Maryland, said higher minimum wages mean he has not had to deal with a labor shortage even while doubling in size over the past year.

“Customers appreciate the quality and reliability that comes from fairly-compensated employees. People want to work for us, and our low turnover saves us a lot of money and time,” Seyedian said in an email. “Raising the minimum wage helps people make ends meet and boosts consumer spending, which boosts local economies.” ...

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