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By Martin Wilbur
The Examiner, April 22, 2023 

Most of Westchester’s state legislature delegation has thrown its support behind a proposal that would increase the minimum wage to $21.25 by 2026 to help thousands of lower-paid workers keep pace with inflation. ... State Sen. Shelley Mayer (D-Yonkers), a Senate co-sponsor of the bill, led a press conference on Friday in White Plains. ...

Jessica Galen, a Dobbs Ferry village trustee and the owner of BLOOMY Cheese & Provisions in her home community, said she is part of a coalition of 300 small business owners that support a minimum wage hike.

“(Workers) just don’t go to work, they are the families, they are the community, they are the people who are spending the money in the communities,” said Galen, who has three employees. ...

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