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By McKenzie Johnson
KLKN-TV (Channel 8 ABC), Lincoln, Nov 9, 2022

Nebraska workers making less than $15 an hour will be seeing a pay bump in the near future. But what do businesses think of this new wage increase? ...

Steph Terry, director of operations and human relations for Morrow Collision Center, said this is something that could benefit everyone.

“We’ve found that over the years, paying our employees a fair wage just increases their quality of work,” she said. “It makes them more loyal to us as a company and it also just increases morale. It also helps our employees stick around a lot longer.”

Terry said they had to raise their wages a while ago and they’re already hiring above the $15 mark.

She said to get skilled workers, you have to have competitive wages.

“We just can’t sit around and wait and hope that qualified candidate interviews with us and accept positions,” she said. ...

“I truly feel that Lincoln overall is going to be a better city to live in,” Terry said. “People will have more expendable income. They’ll be able to go out in our city and dine out or go to events because they will be making a higher wage. They’ll just be able to support their families better.”

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