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By Dee DePass
Minneapolis Star Tribune, Dec 30, 2023

Fresh minimum wage hikes and new sick pay laws will boost the paychecks of some Twin Cities workers starting Monday ... In Minneapolis and St. Paul, the minimum hourly wage will jump to $15.57 an hour for [larger] businesses ... Smaller employers in the two cities don't have to raise their minimum wages until July 1. Minimum wage rates across the state will also jump Jan. 1 to $10.85 an hour for large employers and $8.85 for smaller businesses. ...

Steven Dyme, co-founder and chief executive of Chicago-based Flowers for Dreams, opened a Minneapolis and Roseville studio last year and boosted wages at his Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois studios from $15 to $16, so his 30 lowest-paid workers could gain more economic independence.

Most of Dyme's 160 workers make more than $20 an hour.

"Raising the minimum wage isn't just pro-worker: It's pro-family, pro-business," Dyme said. "Workers who can comfortably make ends meet will do right by your product, focus on quality and provide the same care to your customers that you provide to them." ...

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