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By William Padmore, Host/Reporter and Jackie Ourada, Morning Edition Host & Reporter Nebraska Public Media
Nebraska Public Media (PBS, NPR), Sep 6, 2022

Questions over raising Nebraska's minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026 and requiring photo identification to vote will be put to voters this November. ...

Lincoln business owner Dave Titterington said he supports businesses paying their employees more. He said he's seen it help his Wildlife Bird Habitat stores retain employees.

"It's a real benefit for our store to pay those employees a decent wage because they stay with us," Titterington said. "If we end up short because someone's off sick, they're always willing to fill in."

And not only does his business see a benefit, Titterington said it could help the local economy in return.

"That equates into more money for people to spend, and that's going to be essential for running small businesses when the price of doing business has really escalated," he said. ...

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