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By Victor Ocasio
Newsday, Jan 8, 2024

As local businesses adjust to Long Island’s new $16 minimum wage, some employers said they are concerned about the impact increased labor costs are having on their ability to compete in an already high-priced business environment. ...

Some business groups, however, said the increases represent an opportunity to boost consumer spending at small businesses on the Island.

Luis Vazquez, president of the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said the increase to $16 is “a positive beginning to bridging the wage disparities that exist, and the higher wage would mean a reduction in economic disparities in our Hispanic, underserved community.”

Phil Andrews, president of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, said he’s in favor of the increases.

“If you don’t pay people a decent wage, you’re going to have more turnover,” Andrews said. ...

Andrews is a member of The New York Business for a Fair Minimum Wage Coalition, a group made up of over 300 businesses and business organizations statewide that advocated for an even bigger increase in the state minimum wage. ...

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