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By Hannah Brandt
Nexstar, Aug 8, 2023. Ran on Nexstar stations across the country 8/8 - 8/10 including WFLA (Tampa, FL), WJTV (Jackson, MS), WKRG (Mobile, AL), WFXP & WJET (Erie, PA), KSNW (Wichita, KS), WYTV (Youngstown, OH), KSNF (Joplin, MO), WHBF (Davenport, IA), WCMH (Columbus, OH), KFTA (Fort Smith, AR), KWKT (Waco, TX), WFXB & WBTW (Myrtle Beach, SC), WJBF (Augusta, GA), WFXR (Roanoke, VA), KTAL (Shreveport, LA), and many more.

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — For more than a decade, the federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25. With costs of living rising, some lawmakers are renewing a push to raise it, despite the tricky political environment. 

Well-Paid Maids isn’t just the name of Aaron Seyedian’s company, it’s also his business philosophy. 

“No matter what the business size is, it’s good business sense to pay a living wage,” Seyedian said. 

He pays a starting wage of $23 an hour, which he says has had a number of benefits like less turnover and lower business costs. 

“If you pay people enough to live on they’ll be happy working for you, they’ll do a better job, customers will be more satisfied with the end result,” Seyedian said.

That’s why he’s fighting to raise wages nationwide. 

Now, lawmakers are renewing a push to raise the minimum wage with a bill that would gradually increase it to $17 by 2028. ...

“If you run a business in such a way that people can meet their basic needs, you’re going to have a better business,” Seyedian said. 

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