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By Deb Belt
Patch Virginia, Dec 27, 2022

Some workers across Virginia will see an increase in pay beginning next week, as the state moves toward a minimum wage of $15 per hour ... The current rate of pay for minimum wage workers across Virginia is $11 per hour and the new minimum wage will increase to $12 on Sunday. ...

Business for a Fair Minimum Wage coalition noted that most business owners are in favor of the increases as they'll help boost consumer spending, strengthen local economies and help improve employee hiring, retention and productivity.

“Minimum wage increases are a great boost for the new year,” said Holly Sklar, CEO of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage. “These needed raises don’t stay in workers’ pockets. They energize communities, as workers and their families have more to spend at local businesses. Minimum wage raises also pay off in lower employee turnover, increased productivity and better customer service, which strengthens small business competitiveness."

Gina Schaefer, who owns 12 Ace Hardware stores across Maryland, Virginia and D.C., said the minimum wage will ultimately boost her business' success, too.

“Minimum wage increases go right back into the economy as spending at local businesses like ours. And investing in employees is the best investment a business can make. Customers have a lot of choices and they come back to businesses where employees are happy to work and deliver great customer service," Schaefer said. ...

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