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By Karen Craigo
Springfield Business Journal, Jan 16, 2023

In November 2018, nearly two-thirds of Missouri voters approved Proposition B, an initiative that substantially increased the state’s minimum wage. The hike raised base pay to $12 per hour from $7.85 – a 53% increase – over five years, reaching that target on Jan. 1.

Many workers have celebrated the hike, and some business owners have, too. In December, Andy Faucett, owner of Bambinos Cafe, shared his satisfaction with the increase in a statement put out by Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, a national network of business owners and others who supported Prop B.

“As a family business, we’re glad to see Missouri’s minimum wage going up for the new year,” Faucett said. “It’s an investment in Missouri communities.”

Bambinos raised its starting pay to $14-$15 an hour in 2022, and Faucett said he has had no trouble finding dependable staff.

“We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and our employees,” he said. ...

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