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By Colin A. Young
State House News Service (Massachusetts), September 27, 2023

... A slew of bills dealing with wages — the state minimum wage, the minimum wage for workers who also earn tips, wages for overtime work, and more — was before the Labor and Workforce Development Committee on Tuesday, renewing debate over what people working in Massachusetts should be paid. ...

There were some businesses that told the committee they support efforts to increase the minimum wage, many as part of the national Business for a Fair Minimum Wage coalition.

“Our strong growth has been fueled by fair pay and the hard work, effectiveness and dedication of our employees. By paying living wages and benefits, our employees can afford to stick with us and to grow with our business. Employee retention drives customer retention. And when workers take home living wages, they can afford to spend money at restaurants and businesses across the Commonwealth,” John Schall, owner of El Jefe’s Taquerias in Cambridge and Boston, said in a statement. ...

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