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By Zachary Halaschak
Washington Examiner, Nov 10, 2022

Voters in two states and Washington, D.C., approved ballot measures during this year’s midterm elections that will raise the minimum wage...

In Nebraska, voters approved Initiative 433, which incrementally raises the minimum wage in the ruby-red Cornhusker State from its current $9-per-hour level to $15 over the next four years. ...

Several groups supported the ballot measure, including Nebraska Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, which touted more than 300 businesses as part of its coalition.

The Washington Examiner spoke with Dave Titterington, owner of Wild Bird Habitat Stores in Lincoln and Omaha, following passage of the initiative. Titterington said he supported the initiative because it is only fair to workers.

Titterington said his business, which is going on 30 years, has always paid well above minimum wage.

“From my point of view, I don’t look at employees as a liability. I look at them as an asset, and so we consider giving them a fair wage as basically an investment in our business,” he said.

When Titterington was asked why he thinks states that have large populations of fiscally conservative residents, like Nebraska, support raising the minimum wage, he said most small business owners can put themselves in their workers’ shoes, as they were at one time working for wages before being able to build up their companies.

“They know how difficult it is if you’re only being paid minimum wage,” Titterington said. ...

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