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By Emyle Watkins
WBFO-FM 88.7 (NPR), April 14, 2023

In Western New York, some business owners are calling for the state to raise and index the minimum wage as part of the final budget and pass the Raise the Wage Act.

Annie Adams, owner of the consignment store Second Chic, says that she realized her employees were struggling and decided to increase wages.

“About a year ago, I gave my team a bonus. Then I doubled it because they had done so much higher than their goal," Adams said. ...

Adams said her workers now start at $15 an hour if they’re part-time, but can quickly increase to $16 or $17 an hour depending on performance. She pays managers $20 and above an hour.

Beyond improving the lives of workers, Adams says an increased minimum wage would also improve spending at businesses like hers. ...

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