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Yonkers Times, April 28, 2023

Westchester small business owner Jessica Galen, owner of Bloomy Cheese & Provisions in Dobbs Ferry, spoke in support of raising the state minimum wage to $21.25 plus indexing at a press conference today in White Plains with State Sen. Shelley Mayer, Assembly Members Chris Burdick and Steve Otis, and Westchester County Legislators Damon Maher, David Imamura, Erika Pierce and Terry Clements, as well as community leaders.

Galen is a member of the growing New York Business for a Fair Minimum Wage Coalition, which includes more than 300 businesses and business organizations across the state. The coalition is supporting the Raise the Wage Act, which would increase the minimum wage to $21.25 and then index it annually to keep up with the cost of living, to be included in the final state budget.

Jessica Galen, owner of Bloomy Cheese & Provisions in Dobbs Ferry, said, “I see the fate of my business as inextricably linked to the wellbeing of my employees and our community. It’s unacceptable and heartbreaking that so many neighbors in Westchester and around the state are struggling to make ends meet even with full-time jobs because of stagnating wages. If we want to sustain thriving, resilient communities, filled with strong, resilient small businesses, we must start by raising the wage floor. When people earn more, they spend more at local businesses, which drives our economy forward. A higher minimum wage also means better employee retention and customer service. Our workforce is stronger. Our local businesses are stronger. Our tax base is stronger. Our communities are stronger. And our quality of life is better.” ...

Aishah Coleman, owner of AC Design & Development Corp. in New Rochelle, said, “Raising the minimum wage in New York will be good for workers and businesses alike. As a business owner, I can’t have my employees worried about whether they can make enough money to afford to have a good quality of life. Too many people are struggling to afford the basics, and that’s bad for our communities and the economy. Raising the minimum wage in New York means people will have more money in their pockets to spend at businesses and take care of their families.” ...

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