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Joplin Globe: Editorial: Our view: Time to break wage logjam

Joplin Globe, Oct 29, 2018

Missourians working at the lower end of the wage scale make nowhere near a living wage. Your "yes" vote on Proposition B will let you start to change that. ...

Every time an increase in the minimum wage has been considered in the 80 years since it was established, naysayers have said jobs would disappear if employers were required to pay low-wage workers more. The naysayers are wrong. Nearly half the states in our nation have increased their minimum wage above the federal minimum without the foretold doom coming to pass.

New Jersey Star Ledger: Ron Rivers: I'm a small business owner, here's why a $15 minimum wage works for us

Op-Ed By Ron Rivers
New Jersey Star-Ledger, Oct 29, 2018

Earlier this month, Gov. Phil Murphy presented a comprehensive vision to grow and restore confidence in New Jersey's economy. Central to the governor's plan is raising wages for Garden State workers -- a noble idea.

As the founder and owner of a small business here in New Jersey, I not only understand the importance of paying workers a living wage, but I put that value into practice every single pay period.

At my company, Love2brew, we pay all of our employees at least $15 an hour - and it works.

Springfield News Leader: Editorial: Our View: Taking positions on November ballot issues

By the Editorial Board
Springfield News-Leader, Oct. 27, 2018

...Proposition B

Addressing low wages in southwest Missouri has long been an issue of interest for the News-Leader editorial board. Poverty rates in the area are startling. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, Springfield has a poverty rate of 25.9 percent.

Branson is 20.9 percent. Joplin, 18.5 percent. Bolivar, 20.9 percent. Monett, 28.9 percent. West Plains, 27.7 percent.

Eater: Can the Midterm Elections Actually Fix Broken Restaurant Wages?

By Brenna Houck
Eater, Oct 25, 2018

Entering the feverish final weeks leading up to the November midterm elections, just about every candidate and measure feels reduced to a tribal partisan battle. Yet, one issue seems to increasingly be crossing party lines: minimum wage. This fall, voters in two states — Missouri and Arkansas — will decide whether or not to raise their respective state minimum wages. ...

In the Missouri fight, organizers have rallied the support of more than 450 local businesses, including outspoken companies from the food and beverage industry: 4 Hands Brewing Co. in St. Louis, the Rieger in Kansas City, Bambino’s Cafe in Springfield, and Mokaska Coffee Company in St. Joseph.

KTRS: St. Louis Business Owners Rally Behind Prop B

KTRS, St. Louis, Oct. 25, 2018

Nearly 200 St. Louis business owners are calling for voters to approve Proposition B, the ballot initiative to raise Missouri’s minimum wage.

On Thursday morning, a group of business owners joined state and local lawmakers during a press conference at Bridge Bread in south St. Louis to show their support. Those business owner discussed the reason they believe raising the minimum wage will help the economy.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: For St. Louis, a statewide push to raise the minimum wage is a second chance in a familiar fight

By Celeste Bott
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Oct 25, 2018

For St. Louis officials, the discussion surrounding the state initiative known as Proposition B, which would gradually raise Missouri’s minimum wage to $12 an hour, triggers a bit of déjà vu. ...

Other businesses support the initiative, with 170 St. Louis employers signing onto a statement in support of Prop B. Several spoke to reporters on Thursday, contending that paying workers a little more actually boosts their bottom line.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Editorial: Vote yes on Missouri Proposition B to raise the minimum wage

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial, Oct 22, 2018

PHOTO: Isaac McMurry and Mackenzie MacAfee work in the back to prepare food at Pizza Head in Tower Grove East on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018. Pizza Head owner, Scott Sandler, pays both McMurry and MacAfee well above the minimum wage and supports raising it.

The time has come for Missouri employers to get off the dime and start sharing their dollars. Minimum-wage workers are being forced to accept a pay scale that doesn’t come close to livable by today’s standards.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Measure to hike Missouri's minimum wage heralded by low-wage workers, worries some businesses

By Leah Thorsen
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Oct. 22, 2018

Missouri voters will decide in a couple weeks whether to boost the state’s minimum wage, a proposal that comes as several large retailers already are committing to pay employees more, but that advocates say is necessary to improve the lives of thousands of hourly workers who won’t see such raises. ...

If the minimum wage measure passes Nov. 6, Missouri estimates that state and local government tax revenue could increase as much as $214 million. ...

Call Newspapers (MO): Minimum wage would ‘raise up’ to $12 an hour if voters approve hike

By Gloria Lloyd, News Editor
with Stephanie Sandoval, Columbia Missourian
Call Newspapers (MO), Oct 18, 2018

... The minimum-wage measure, called Proposition B on the ballot, would gradually increase the lowest hourly pay in the state to $12 an hour in five years. ... When Raise Up [Missouri] submitted its signatures last spring, it showcased stories of struggling low-income workers trying to raise families to emphasize the need for a higher living wage. ...