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Florida Business for a Fair Minimum Wage coalition supported nation’s first passage of $15 minimum wage by ballot initiative

Nov. 3, 2020, Miami — Business owners across Florida are celebrating the passage of Amendment 2, saying raising the minimum wage will boost consumer spending, strengthen Florida’s workforce and help the economy. Amendment 2 will gradually raise the state minimum wage, starting in Sept. 2021, to $15 by 2026.

Florida is the eighth state to pass a $15 minimum wage, and the first state to do so by ballot initiative. Florida voters showed overwhelming support for Amendment 2, which required a supermajority of more than 60% to vote in favor for approval.

More than 160 business owners and executives joined the Florida Business for a Fair Minimum Wage coalition, supporting Amendment 2. They signed the Florida Business for a Fair Minimum Wage Statement, saying that raising the minimum wage will boost the consumer buying power that businesses depend on to survive and grow. Minimum wage increases will also pay off in reduced employee turnover, increased productivity and better customer service.

“Voters made a great investment in Florida’s future by passing Amendment 2,” said Claude Luciani, owner of Pizza Rustica in Hollywood, Fla. “I’m looking forward to the boost in customer spending as the minimum wage increases.”

“Today, Floridians voted for shared economic recovery,” said Milana Walter, Business Campaign Manager for Florida Business for a Fair Minimum Wage. “Amendment 2 will gradually raise the minimum wage, giving businesses time to adjust and benefit from increases as they phase in. This ballot initiative is good news for Florida.”

Danielle Ferrari, owner of Valhalla Resale in Tampa, said, “I know firsthand that paying a living wage is good for business. Amendment 2’s minimum wage increases will reduce poverty, strengthen Florida businesses, and lift the economy.”

“At minimum, all businesses should pay wages their employees can live on,” said Scott Fuhrman, owner of Lakewood Organic in Miami. “Amendment 2’s minimum wage increases will create a more level playing field and help workers, families and businesses succeed.”

Diego Tosoni, co-owner of Love Life Cafe in Miami, and opening soon in Orlando, said, “We know that happier employees are more productive. Raising the minimum wage will also increase consumer spending, and that will consequently affect our business in a positive way. It is a win-win for everyone.”

Amendment 2 will increase Florida’s minimum wage from $8.56 to $10 per hour effective Sept. 30, 2021, and then by $1 each year until it reaches $15 on Sept. 30, 2026. The other seven states incrementally increasing their minimum wage to $15 are California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

Florida business leaders supportive of raising the minimum wage are available for comment and/or broadcast bookings. To schedule an interview, contact Cat Ulrich at or (202) 630-7839.


Florida Business for a Fair Minimum Wage is a coalition of business owners and executives who believe a fair minimum wage makes good business sense.

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