WWLP-22News: Hundreds of people demand lawmakers to take action on minimum wage increase

By Jennifer Zarate
WWLP-22News, May 8, 2018

A rally held at the State House in Boston drew hundreds of people demanding legislature to take action on paid leave and a $15 minimum wage. ...

In favor of raising minimum wage, Holly Sklar, CEO of Business For a Fair Minimum Wage, said workers are customers, so when there's more money circulating in wages it's going right back into businesses in the form of spending.

"As a lot of our businesses will tell you investing in your workers means that they're going to be investing more into your business and you're going to see much more customer satisfaction, people who want to keep coming back to you rather than going 'Oh, you know what, I'll just go somewhere else,'" said Sklar. ...

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