QSR Magazine: 3 Restaurant Leaders Weigh In On Minimum Wage Debate

By Nicole Duncan
QSR Magazine, May 2018

When it comes to hot-button issues in the restaurant industry, the question of minimum wage may be the most contested. Some operators have become champions of the cause, citing it not only as a business responsibility, but also as an opportunity to build a stronger company from the ground up. ...

Looking to the future, three limited-service leaders weigh in on how restaurants can adapt to the changes. ...

MICHAEL LASTORIA / Cofounder & CEO, &pizza

... &pizza is built on the shoulders of its employees. We give them a say. We believe in their advancement. But all of that counts for nothing if they can’t live on the wages we pay them. The minimum wage raise is the single clearest way to say to our employees, “We value you.” ...

It’s important that fair pay will not only stay at &pizza, but also continue to spread all across the country. It’s a simple but critical concept: Allow your staff to thrive, and your company will thrive.

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