Joplin Globe: Editorial: Our view: Time to break wage logjam

Joplin Globe, Oct 29, 2018

Missourians working at the lower end of the wage scale make nowhere near a living wage. Your "yes" vote on Proposition B will let you start to change that. ...

Every time an increase in the minimum wage has been considered in the 80 years since it was established, naysayers have said jobs would disappear if employers were required to pay low-wage workers more. The naysayers are wrong. Nearly half the states in our nation have increased their minimum wage above the federal minimum without the foretold doom coming to pass.

At least 14 local businesses have come out in favor of Proposition B, including Sean Flanagan, owner of The Bruncheonette. He says higher pay reduces turnover and boosts workers’ buying power, which is better for the whole community. "We pay our employees more than minimum wage, and we barely have any turnover," Flanagan said.

Combined with movement to increase wages taken by large corporate employers such as Amazon and Walmart, your yes vote on Proposition B will help to break the logjam that has kept wages locked down while the rest of our economy has moved up.

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