Creative Loafing Tampa Bay: 2020 recommendations for Florida Amendments: ‘Yes’ on 2, ‘No’ on everything else

By McKenna Schuler
Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, Oct 21, 2020

... Amendment 2: Vote Yes

Amendment 2, also known as the Fair Wage Amendment, would gradually raise Florida’s minimum wage from its current $8.56 to $15.00 by 2026, beginning with an increase to $10.00 next September. ... Supporters—like, actual low wage workers, along with Orlando attorney John Morgan’s PAC, Florida for a Fair Wage—say the amendment would uplift thousands of Floridians and their families out of poverty. Over 120 Florida business leaders from a variety of industries have expressed their support for a $15 minimum living wage, including several based in Tampa Bay. ...

If you believe the labor of all Floridian workers should be appropriately valued and compensated, vote YES on Amendment 2. ...

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