Tallahassee Democrat: Fadi Dib: From a Tallahassee small business owner: Raising the minimum wage is good business

Op-Ed By Fadi Dib
Tallahassee Democrat, Oct. 26, 2020

As a small business owner, I’m happy to see an amendment to raise Florida’s minimum wage on the ballot. We launched Cali’s Beauty Supply in 2015 with a mission to provide not only good products, but to help individuals find their unique style. Thanks to our employees and loyal customers, we’ve been able to succeed, expand and open two new stores in Tallahassee.

But I know there’s one thing holding us back from further fast growth: Many of our customers earn low wages, which means they simply do not have the funds to come in more often and spend more when they do. They have to prioritize life’s essentials.

Raising the minimum wage would give them a better quality of life. And it would give Florida businesses a stronger workforce and customer base. ...

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Fadi Dib is the owner of Cali’s Beauty Supply, with three locations in Tallahassee, and is a member of Florida Business for a Fair Minimum Wage.


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