Denver Gazette: Colorado's minimum wage gets a little higher on Friday

By David Mullen
Denver Gazette, Dec 30, 2020, Updated Jan 11, 2021

Workers throughout Colorado who earn minimum wage will get a slight pay raise on Friday. The minimum wage will rise from $12 per hour to $12.32 per hour. Colorado joins 19 other states that will be raising the minimum wage heading into 2021 and experts expect this to help local economies get back on track.

"The economy will get a shot in the arm when states raise their minimum wage to start the New Year," said Holly Sklar, CEO of Business for a Minimum Wage.

"Business depends on customers who make enough to buy what they're selling from food to car repairs. Minimum wage increase will go right back into local economies, helping workers and businesses get through the pandemic and economic crisis." ...

Pete Turner, the owner of Illegal Petes with several locations throughout Colorado and Arizona, rose his company's minimum wage to $15 an hour in 2019.

He said by doing so, it has allowed his employees to only work one job and worry less about unexpected bills.

"It allows our staff to just live a more comfortable life, right? They only have to work one job and be able to buy cars or a home," Turner said. "They aren't living their lives waiting for the next fee to come and if it does, they'll earn enough to hopefully pay it."

Turner became in favor of raising the minimum wage in 2013, when his company started a gradual increase in wage over time.

Since those increases were made, he estimates about 90 cents of every dollar reciprocates to the local economy. 

"Part of that wage increase goes back into our community and to other small businesses around the area," Turner said. ...

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