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Marketplace: Change in the White House means changing plans for some businesses

By Kimberly Adams
Marketplace Morning Report, Nov 9, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States, and change in the White House comes with changes to the business plans of companies large and small. ...

Health care costs are also on the mind of Adam Orman, co-owner of L’Oca d’Oro Restaurant in Austin, Texas. But he’s looking forward to the Biden administration.

“A public option would change the way that we are providing health care for sure,” he said.

The Florida Channel: Capitol Update

The Florida Channel, Capitol Update, Nov 6, 2020

... Voters approved four of the six proposed Constitutional Amendments on the ballot, including one that will gradually increase Florida’s minimum wage to $15 per hour. ...

Destiney Burt reporting on minimum wage includes on site interview with Fadi Dib, Owner of Cali's Beauty Supply in Tallahassee. Also John Morgan.

Minimum Wage segment starts at 12:55:


Tampa Bay Business Journal: Business owners in Tampa Bay have mixed reactions to minimum wage increase in Florida

By Luke Torrance
Tampa Bay Business Journal, Nov 5, 2020

While the country awaits the outcome of the presidential election, Florida business owners are already starting to prepare for an increased minimum wage, which was approved by the state’s voters on Tuesday. ...

Several Tampa Bay small businesses said they thought the wage increase would lead to more spending money that would be invested back into the community.

Washington Post: Florida votes to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour

By Eli Rosenberg
Washington Post, Nov 4, 2020

Florida voters approved an amendment Tuesday to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour over the coming years. ...

Scott Fuhrman, the owner of Lakewood Organic, a juice company in Miami that employs about 100 people, said that he supported the measure, after seeing the change in his workers when he increased hourly wages at his company to $15 a couple of years ago.

Yahoo Money: Election 2020: Florida joins growing list of states moving to $15 minimum wage

By Aarthi Swaminathan
Yahoo Money, Nov 4, 2020

Florida voted on Tuesday to increase its minimum hourly wage to $15, adding fuel to a growing national movement that aims to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour. ...

“We are so excited that Floridians did the right thing, and voted for our economy,” Kristine Ownley and Leigh Anne Balzekas, co-owners of the Tampa-based The Disco Dolls Studio, told Yahoo Finance.

The 19th: Florida passes $15 minimum wage, a hike that could narrow the gender pay gap

By Chabeli Carrazana
The 19th, Nov 3, 2020

In a year of unprecedented job loss for the nation’s low-wage workforce, Floridians voted to offer some relief in the form of a pay raise. 

A constitutional amendment on the ballot to raise Florida’s hourly minimum wage from $8.56 today to $15 in 2026 passed with 61 percent of the vote ...

Other businesses say paying workers above minimum wage has other benefits, including improved retention rates and productivity. 

Newsweek: Florida Passes $15 Minimum Wage, Becomes Eighth State to Do So

By Daniel Villarreal
Newsweek, Nov 3, 2020

Florida just became the eighth U.S. state to raise its minimum wage to $15, thanks to the passage of Amendment 2. ...

California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York have all passed various legislation to raise their minimum wages to $15. All of the plans, like Florida's involve a gradual phasing in of the increased wage.