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AP: New York governor backs minimum wage boost

By Michael Gormley
Associated Press, Jan 24, 2013

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York state legislators on Wednesday began privately discussing a new way to increase the state's minimum wage after Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave the long-blocked effort a big boost in his proposed budget.

Washington Post: Maryland lawmakers propose raising minimum wage

By Kate Havard
Washington Post, January 23, 2013

On Tuesday, Maryland lawmakers and activists launched “Raise Maryland,” an effort to raise the state’s minumum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10 per hour by 2015.

“We like to say we live in the wealthiest state in America,” said Del. Aisha Braveboy (D-Prince George’s County) “Well, how much do you think it costs to live in the wealthiest state in America?” More than the minimum wage earner can afford, she said.

Albany Times Union: David Bolotsky, Yearly minimum wage hikes help everyone

Op-Ed By David Bolotsky
Albany Times Union, Jan 21, 2013

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has demonstrated his commitment to a sustainable economic recovery in New York by calling for an increase in the state minimum wage, from an inadequate rate of $7.25 per hour to $8.75. New York's minimum wage has not changed since 2007, and the governor's leadership will hopefully break the political gridlock.

HR and Employment Law News: Pennsylvania senator seeks to raise minimum wage

HR and Employment Law News, Jan 17, 2013

Pennsylvania Senator Christine Tartaglione recently announced plans to reintroduce legislation, formerly S.B. 235 of 2011–2012, which would provide for a cost-of-living adjustment to Pennsylvania’s minimum wage law.

“For several decades, wages of low and middle income workers have remained fairly stagnant, while wages of the highest paid workers have increased steadily,” Senator Tartaglione said in a written statement. …

American Forum: Darius Ross, Raise minimum wage to lift economy in New Year

Op-Ed by Darius Ross
Distributed by American Forum, Dec. 27, 2012. Known placements include Detroit News, Trenton Times, Montgomery Advertiser (AL), Atlanta Inquirer, Madison Capital Times, Times & Democrat (SC), Durham Herald Sun (NC),  Asbury Park Press (NJ), La Prensa San Diego, Fall River Herald News (MA), North Dallas Gazette, many more

As a longtime businessman, I see a deficit in America that has received far too little attention. Thats the wage deficit experienced by growing numbers of Americans, with serious consequences for our economy.

Wall Street Journal: Wage debate takes the stage

By Melanie Trottman
Wall Street Journal, Dec 23, 2012

A dozen states and cities will raise their minimum wages on Jan. 1, and efforts are afoot in Congress and several state legislatures to push through increases next year, spurring fresh debate about whether such efforts would help or hurt the already sluggish economic recovery.

Inc.: Inside Obama's Meeting with Entrepreneurs

By Matthew Wong
Inc., Nov 29, 2012 

When entrepreneur and Inc. 30 Under 30 alum Nikhil Arora received an email from the White House last Thursday to attend a small business meeting, he didn’t know exactly what to expect or even who from the Obama administration would be present. …

The Atlantic: Black Friday Special! Festival of Minimum-Wage Ideas

By James Fallows
The Atlantic, Nov 23, 2012 

... Just before Thanksgiving, following the observations of a Boston bartender, I published messages from several readers on the importance of raising the minimum wage. In real terms, the minimum wage has gone steadily down; these readers argued that keeping it even with inflation, or better yet moving it substantially ahead, would help lower-income Americans while not hurting the economy as a whole. 

Now some responses. ...

Gotham Gazette: Advocates Send Thanksgiving Message Calling For Hike In Minimum Wage

By David Howard King and Kamelia Kilawan
Gotham Gazette, Nov 20, 2012

NEW YORK — Earlier this week, at the Church of the Holy Apostles in Chelsea, about 50 people waited in line  with cafeteria trays to have an early Thanksgiving lunch consisting of an apple, hot sandwich and cider.

As they came to the end of the line, they were asked to sign a card appealing to New York State Senators to pass legislation to raise the minimum wage by $1.25 to $8.25.

It is unclear whether politicians will be listening to the message as they head into the holiday weekend.