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St. Louis Post Dispatch: Motivation not all it's cracked up to be

"If I were selecting a businessperson to be Citizen of the Year, I'd go with somebody like Lew Prince." Lew is a longtime BSP member. 

By Bill McClellan
St. Louis Post Dispatch, May 2, 2011

The great Motivational Seminar has come and gone — my 70 tickets never arrived — and it was, by all accounts, well-attended. Perhaps this means that our region will soon be surging forward. Thousands of motivated St. Louisans will be a mighty force for change!

Or maybe not.

Huffington Post: Minimum Wage, Labor Investigations Targets Of Missouri Republicans

By Dave Jamieson
Huffington Post, April 28, 2011 

WASHINGTON -- Earlier this year, Missouri business leaders presented lawmakers with a six-point plan they said would bring jobs to the state during tough economic times. Since then, state Republicans have aggressively pushed the agenda and added their own legislative tweaks. Critics say the business-friendly platform is currently one of the most aggressive attacks on low-wage workers.

Baltimore Sun: Minimum wage debate gains momentum in Md.

By Lorraine Mirabella
The Baltimore Sun, April 10, 2011

Bridget Highkin works as hard now as she did two years ago. But then she brought home $800 a week from her waitressing job and today she's lucky to clear $300.

For now — until she completes a part-time nursing program and can find a job as a nurse — financial relief for her family hinges on a proposal to increase Maryland's hourly minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.75 over three years. A few more dollars an hour would allow her to stop receiving assistance for day care and food, Highkin says.

Columbia Daily Tribune: Senate takes up wage bill

By Rudi Keller
Columbia Daily Tribune, March 30, 2011

JEFFERSON CITY — The House-passed bill to permanently link Missouri’s minimum wage to the federal minimum is corporate welfare that hurts low-income workers and small businesses, a St. Louis record store owner told a Senate committee yesterday.

Tom Ray, owner of Vintage Vinyl in Del Mar, said the bill, which would end the possibility that the state minimum wage could exceed the federal minimum, means fewer sales at his store.

Crofton Patch: Crofton Company Joins Push to Increase MD Minimum Wage

More than 60 Maryland business owners, executives and organizations signed a petition to endorse legislation to increase the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $9.75 by 2013.

“There is room to improve the minimum wage,” Berna Rodman said.

Rodman started Antiochia her home-based business December 2007 in Crofton. The wholesaler sells traditional Turkish bath towels and soaps just off Johns Hopkins Road.

KOMU TV: Missourians Raging Over Wages

By Mimi Nguyen
KOMU News TV8 (NBC), Mar 29, 2011


JEFFERSON CITY- A Senate committee met Tuesday to discuss House Bill 61 and listen to testimony from proponents and opponents of the bill.

A new law would amend the 2006 voter-approved law that allows the minimum wage of Missouri to be adjusted according to the annual cost of living and inflation. The new law would prohibit Missouri's minimum wage from exceeding the federal minimum wage.

Carroll County Times: John Shepley, Higher Wage Is Good Business Sense

By John Shepley
Carroll County Times, 3/22/11. Distributed by the American Forum.

As a small business owner, I support legislation to increase Maryland's inadequate minimum wage because it makes good business sense. It's an important part of our economic recovery and economic progress. I know businesses can pay a better minimum wage and still make a profit - it helps the business prosper.

The Sentinel: Bills could increase wages for local tipped workers

By Andrew Damstedt
The Sentinel, March 16, 2011 

A job creator or a job killer is the debate circling two bills that would raise the minimum wage.

A bill backed by Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Fort Washington, in Congress would raise the minimum wage for tipped employees, while a bill facing debate in Annapolis would raise the minimum wage for tipped employees and the regular minimum wage.

Springfield (MO) News Leader: Senate gets bill to cap minimum wage

Jefferson City -- A bill that would repeal a 2006 voter initiative by capping the state minimum wage has moved to the Senate, where its prospects are uncertain.

The bill was a goal of House leadership, but their Senate counterparts haven't made it as much of a priority. Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer said he didn't know when - or even if - the chamber would take up the bill.

"Others have been a greater priority for me," he said.

Craig Sewell, Testimony on Bill to Raise Maryland Minimum Wage

Testimony on SB716,“Labor and Employment - Maryland Wage and Hour Law - Payment of Wages”
For Senate Finance Committee, March 3, 2011

Craig Sewell, Owner, A Cook’s Café, Annapolis

I am submitting this testimony to voice my support as a business owner for raising Maryland’s minimum wage.  It is a vital step for the wellbeing of our workers, our economy and our state.

Truman Index (MO): House of Representatives passes minimum wage bill

By Kathrine Olsen Flaate
Truman State University Index, March 3, 2011

The Missouri House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that would freeze Missouri minimum wage from exceeding the federal minimum wage, even if the Consumer Price Index increases.

If the cost of living increases, the minimum wage of $7.25 would not increase with it as it normally does. The federal minimum wage and state minimum wage currently are the same. The Missouri Senate still has to pass the bill before it is made law.