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St. Louis Post Dispatch: Lawmaker tries to limit Missouri minimum wage

By Rebecca Berg
St. Louis Post Dispatch, Feb 24, 2011

About 32 years ago, Lew Prince started a business with 300 records and $20.

Today, Vintage Vinyl in University City has ballooned into a multimillion-dollar business with 19 full-time and six part-time employees.

Prince attributes the success of his business model to two factors in particular: quality employees and loyal customers. But both would be at risk, he said, if state legislators pushing minimum wage restrictions get their way.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Lew Prince, Keep your hands off our wages

By Lew Prince
St. Louis Post Dispatch, Feb 23, 2011

The Republicans in the Missouri Legislature are trying to overturn the clearly expressed will of the people in order to give gigantic welfare checks to some of America's biggest corporations.

Nearly 1.6 million Missourians voted to raise the minimum wage in 2006. Only 501,657 voted against the proposition. That was a 3-to-1 margin.

AP: Missouri minimum wage law meets different opinions

By Wes Duplantier/The Associated Press
Columbia Missourian, January 26, 2011

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri business owners and hourly workers voiced mixed opinions Wednesday about whether the state should change its minimum wage law.

Several business owners told a House panel that lawmakers should repeal a minimum wage law Missouri voters approved in 2006 and instead keep its minimum wage equal to the federal rate. The 2006 law provides for annual increases based on the pace of inflation in the Midwest.

WJZ CBS Baltimore: Group Pushes To Increase Minimum Wage

Kitchen workers often make minimum wage. So do housekeepers and store clerks. That’s $7.25 an hour, but a bill in Annapolis would raise it to $8.25 this year, to $9.10 next year and in 2013 to $10 an hour.

“We believe a job should keep people out of poverty, not in it,” said Rev. Ken Brooker-Langston.

A plant farm owner joined religious and labor leaders to support paying workers more. “I can count on those employees to look after the quality of products we make,” said John Shepley.

ABC 2: Raising Maryland's minimum wage

Progressive Maryland and several state senators are behind a movement aiming to raise the state's minimum wage over the next few years. Under the plan, the state's minimum wage would go from $7.25 an hour to $10 an hour by 2013.

John Shepley, co-owner of Emory Knoll Farms, says paying his employees more money has many advantages to him, including not having to deal with employee turn around.

Those behind the movement say putting more money in Marylanders’ pockets will help to stimulate the state's economy.

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Centre Daily Times (PA) Editorial: Minimum wage still not enough

Centre Daily Times (PA), July 29, 2009
Our View

Workers on the lowest rung of the pay scale got a slight boost last week when the federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25 an hour. The third and final installment in the federal minimum wage is a good effort to put more money into the economy but a long way from giving the lowest-paid workers a living wage.

Corp Magazine: Business Owners Welcome Minimum Wage Increase

Corp Magazine, July 28, 2009
Business Buzz - Boston, Mass.

Business Owners Welcome Minimum Wage Increase
Raising minimum wage will help economy, say national business leaders and small business owners from states affected by July 24 increase

July 21, 2009, Boston, MA - Business owners across the nation are welcoming the July 24 increase in the federal minimum wage from $6.55 to $7.25. National business leaders and small business owners in states where workers are getting a raise say the increase will boost consumer buying power and promote economic recovery.

New Haven Register: Raising minimum wage may hurt some workers

By Angela Carter
New Haven Register, 7/28/09

The minimum wage across the nation went to $7.25 per hour Friday from $6.55 an hour, but the extent to which it boosts the spending power of lower-income earners or siphons off those jobs remains to be seen, experts say.

Connecticut business owners are paying close attention to trends in the federal minimum wage even though they are paying $8 per hour, with an increase to $8.25 in January 2010.