Past Federal Statement Signatories in Support of Raising Minimum Wage from $5.15 to $7.25


Signers below supported the raise that passed in 2007 with 3-step increase to $7.25 on July 24, 2009

Click Here to View the Old List Below By State. Nearly 1,000 signers.

Sample Signatories For Raise Passed in 2007 (State List Follows):

  • Jim Sinegal, CEO, Costco
  • Margot Dorfman, CEO, US Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • Paulette Cole, CEO, ABC Home
  • Mark Heaney, CEO, Addus HealthCare
  • Eileen Fisher, chief creative officer, apparel company Eileen Fisher
  • Michael Shuman, policy director, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Jeff Milchen, co-founder, American Independent Business Alliance
  • John Arensmeyer, CEO, Small Business Majority
  • Elliot Hoffman, CEO, New Voice of Business
  • Sen. M. Joseph Rocks, chairman/CEO, NHS Human Services
  • Lya Sorano, founder, Atlanta Women in Business
  • Scott Hauge, president, Small Business California
  • Miranda Magagnini, co-CEO, IceStone
  • Jeffrey Hollender, president, Seventh Generation
  • Bernard Rapoport, chairman emeritus, American Income Life Insurance Company
  • Arnold Hiatt, former CEO, Stride Rite
  • Michael Kieschnick, president, Credo Mobile
  • David Young, CEO,
  • Elisabeth Gehl, public policy dir, Business&Professional Women USA
  • Tylene Harrell, executive director, National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs
  • Robert Glassman, chair, Wainwright Bank & Trust Co
  • Deborah Nelson, executive director, Social Venture Network
  • Alex Von Bidder, president, The Four Seasons Restaurant, NY
  • Camille Moran, owner, Caramor Industries, Louisiana
  • Richard Johnson, president, Associated Merchant Services, Nashville, TN
  • Harold Lewis, president, Brightside Academy
  • Gary Erickson & Kit Crawford, founder & owners, Clif Bar & Co.
  • Lew Prince, co-owner, Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO
  • Richard Ketring, president, VHS Cleaning Services, Ashland, WI

Signatories List (in state order):

Signers below supported the raise that passed in 2007 with 3-step increase to $7.25 on July 24, 2009

Click Here to View the Old List Below By State. Nearly 1,000 signers.

Sample Signatories For Raise Passed in 2007 (State List Follows):

  • Jim Sinegal, CEO, Costco
  • Margot Dorfman, CEO, US Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • Paulette Cole, CEO, ABC Home
  • Mark Heaney, CEO, Addus HealthCare
  • Eileen Fisher, chief creative officer, apparel company Eileen Fisher
  • Michael Shuman, policy director, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Jeff Milchen, co-founder, American Independent Business Alliance
  • John Arensmeyer, CEO, Small Business Majority
  • Elliot Hoffman, CEO, New Voice of Business
  • Sen. M. Joseph Rocks, chairman/CEO, NHS Human Services
  • Lya Sorano, founder, Atlanta Women in Business
  • Scott Hauge, president, Small Business California
  • Miranda Magagnini, co-CEO, IceStone
  • Jeffrey Hollender, president, Seventh Generation
  • Bernard Rapoport, chairman emeritus, American Income Life Insurance Company
  • Arnold Hiatt, former CEO, Stride Rite
  • Michael Kieschnick, president, Credo Mobile
  • David Young, CEO,
  • Elisabeth Gehl, public policy dir, Business&Professional Women USA
  • Tylene Harrell, executive director, National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs
  • Robert Glassman, chair, Wainwright Bank & Trust Co
  • Deborah Nelson, executive director, Social Venture Network
  • Alex Von Bidder, president, The Four Seasons Restaurant, NY
  • Camille Moran, owner, Caramor Industries, Louisiana
  • Richard Johnson, president, Associated Merchant Services, Nashville, TN
  • Harold Lewis, president, Brightside Academy
  • Gary Erickson & Kit Crawford, founder & owners, Clif Bar & Co.
  • Lew Prince, co-owner, Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO
  • Richard Ketring, president, VHS Cleaning Services, Ashland, WI

Signatories List (in state order):


Eric McCallum, Pesident, Arctic Wire Rope and Supply
Anchorage, AK


Kim and Steve Smith, Owner, Geovera, LLC
Homer, AK


Suzanne Ball, Owner, Dixie Rod & Custom
Gulf Shores, AL


Penny Cremeens, Owner/Speech Language Pathologist, Llano Estacado Clinical Providers
Stillwater, AL


Markus Rumpumpi, Rumpumpi's Pumps
Wolverhampton, AL


Amanda Senn, Owner, The Harvest Moon
Dothan, AL


Kim Shelton, Manager, Harvest House Restaurant
Harvest, AL


Gary Bennett, Co-Owner, Bennett Brothers Stone Co., Inc.
Hot Springs, AR


Trish Byrd, Program Specialist/Upward Bound, University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Fort Smith, AR


Bea Chessman, President, RMC of America
Pine Bluff, AR


Rebecca Clark, Owner, Creative Convenience
Hot Springs, AR


DJ Lynch, Owner, Arkansas Hypnosis
Little Rock, AR


Janis Percefull, Director/Historian, Ouachita Springs Region Historical Research Center
Hot Springs, AR


Kathy Webb, Owner, Lilly's Dim Sum, Then Sum
Little Rock, AR


Karen Wiebe, Owner/Executive Chef, Chef Know It All, LLC
Conway, AR


Precious Williams, Executive Director, Silas H. Hunt Comm Dev Corp
Texarkana, AR


Judy Brengi, CPA, Brengi & Jordan, PC
Phoenix, AZ


Margarito Cordero, President, Durango Drywall
Phoenix, AZ


Edwin Denham, Professional Engineer, Denham Engineering
Coolidge, AZ


Katharine Halpin, Founder, The Halpin Companies, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ


Angelina Hoffman, Assistant Manager, Burger King
El Mirage, AZ


Rick Keefe, President, R-Galaxy
Tucson, AZ


Kathleen Kelly, Business & Professional Women
Fountain Hills, AZ


Heidi McCarthy, Owner, Full Life Health Products, Inc.
Prescott Valley, AZ


Marc Rosenberg, President, Quality Manager Consultants LLC
Scottsdale, AZ


Richard Shapiro, Accountant, Richard Shapiro LLC Accounting Firm
Scottsdale, AZ


Tucson, AZ


Dorothy D. Ward, Member, Responsible Wealth
Phoenix, AZ


Michael Alexander, CEO, Conscious Consulting, Inc
Los Angeles, CA


Nick Allen, Founder & CEO, Donordigital
San Francisco, CA


John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO, Small Business Majority
Sausalito, CA


Peter Barnes, Co-Founder, Tomales Bay Institute
Point Reyes Station, CA


David Batstone, President, Right Reality
Montara, CA


Daniel Baxter, President, EcoDirect Inc
La Verne, CA


Thomas Baxter, President,
Carlsbad, CA


Gary Bea, Principal Engineer-Retired, Lockheed Martin
Sunnyvale, CA


Lindy Beatie, Executive Director, United Way of Nevada County
Grass Valley, CA


Suzanne Biegel, Chief Catalyst, Catalyst at Large Consulting
Marina del Rey, CA


Canon Bryan, President, Vico Energy LLC
Pleasant Hill, CA


Roy Bukstein, CFO, MMM Management Inc
San Francisco, CA


Andrew Calman, Physician, Premier Eyecare
San Francisco, CA


Celia Canfield, Co-Founder, Tendo Communications
San Francisco, CA


Shannon Carpenter, Vice President/CFO, Key Lime West, Inc.
Garden Grove, CA


Anirvan Chatterjee, CEO,
Berkeley, CA


Susie Coliver, Owner/President, ARCH Drafting Supply, Inc.
San Francisco, CA


Kathleen (Kit) Crawford, Co-Owner, Clif Bar & Co.
Berkeley, CA


Jeff Denno, President, Davis Office Systems, Inc.
Merced, CA


Chris DePuy, CEO, Cash Federal Business Cash Advance
Hayward, CA


Paul DeSantis, President, HomesUSA, Ltd
Santa Monica, CA


Gary Erickson, Founder and Co-Owner, Clif Bar & Co.
Berkeley, CA


Malcolm & Carol Faust, Owner & Manager, private business
Oakdale, CA


Steve Ferguson, Decider, Ferguson Music, Inc.
La Crescenta, CA


Randy Foote, Chief Financial Officer, Fort Hill Construction
Los Angeles, CA


Allen Foster, Interior Designer, Red Tree Studio, Inc.
San Francisco, CA


Cheryl Fromholzer, Owner, North Rose Botanicals
Woodacre, CA


Cheryl Fromholzer, Owner, North Rose Herbal Center
San Rafael, CA


Jessica Gary, CEO, 2 To Xango
Oakland, CA


David Gast, Owner, Gast Architects
San Francisco, CA


Karen Gayda, Owner/Senior Software Architect, Gaydaware Software Solutions
Escondido, CA


Leonard Gertler, President, All American Home Center
Downey, CA


Jessica Gillooly, Owner, Jessica B. Gillooly, PhD Marriage & Family Therapist
Pasadena, CA


James Gold, Real Estate Consultant, Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA


Leslie Goodbar, Copywriter, Zipper
Burbank, CA


Constance Haddad, Founder, Director and Retired President, Haddad's Fine Arts, Inc.
Anaheim, CA


Scott Hauge, President, Small Business California
San Francisco, CA


Barry Hermanson, Former Small Business Owner,
San Francisco, CA


Elliot Hoffman, CEO, Natural Capitalism, Inc.
San Francisco, CA


Joan Hotchkis, Artistic Director/Producer, Tearsheets Productions, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA


Kip Howard, Former CEO (retired), Navis LLC
Larkspur, CA


Frances Hulse, Writer, Fran Hulse Creative
Mill Valley, CA


Allan Jaffe, President, Somerset Printing Co.
Burlingame, CA


Brad Kane, Owner, Kane Law Firm
Los Angeles, CA


Michael Kieschnick, CEO, CREDO Mobile
San Francisco, CA


Erin Kilmer Neel, Executive Director, Oakland Unwrapped!
Oakland, CA


Todd Koons, President, Epic Roots, Inc.
Sausalito, CA


Cheri Langlois, Owner, White Wizard Cleaning
Mendocino, CA


Sue LaVaccare, Real Estate Sales
Los Angeles, CA


Eric Leenson, President and CEO, Progressive Asset Mangement
Oakland, CA


Trudy Levy, Trudy Levy Designs
Idyllwild, CA


Keith Lilley, Owner, San Luis Video Systems
Morro Bay, CA


Maxwell T. Llanos, President, Max Llanos Construction, Inc.
Poway, CA


Richard Lopez, Owner, Law Office of Richard Lopez
San Francisco, CA


Robert Loucks, Assistant Regional Sales Director, Solar Depot LLC
Corona, CA


Amy Lyman, Chair, Board of Directors, Great Place to Work Institute, Inc.
San Francisco, CA


Thom Markham, President, New Century Schools
Novato, CA


Constance McKee, President & CEO, Manzanita Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Woodside, CA


Warren Metzler, Owner, Ouk-rra-i-nah Trading Company
Los Angeles, CA


Rev. Rick Mitchell, Editor and Owner, Ecumenical Service Ministries
Concord, CA


Melanie and Brendan Moorehead, Owners, Integrity Home Solutions
Los Angeles, CA


Maria Morales, Partner, Gonzalez & Associates, LLC
Sacramento, CA


Virginia Morrison, President, Collaboration Specialists
San Anselmo, CA


Michael Murphy, Principal/Broker, Workers Compensation Specialists
Chino, CA


Deborah Nelson
San Francisco, CA


Mark Nelson, Owner, Renaissance Remodelers
San Anselmo, CA


Carolyn Nolan, CFO, Central Coating Co Inc
Madera, CA


Richard Olson, Quality Construction & Design, Inc.
Los Gatos, CA


Kanena Peters, Executive Designer, Xen Boheme
Palo Alto, CA


Jerry Peterson, Owner, Cruise and Tour Company
San Diego, CA


Dave Pine, Former Vice President, General Counsel, Handspring, Excite@Home, Radius
Burlingame, CA


Dean Price, Owner, Foothill Building Inspection
Pasadena, CA


Samuel Ramirez, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cristales
San Leandro, CA


Neil Resico, Owner, R 3 Electric
San Lorenzo, CA


Brent D. Rose, Attorney, Jeffery Corrigan & Shaw
Fontana, CA


Lisa Rosen, Secretary, Energy Efficiency Soloar, Inc.
Pomona, CA


Oakland, CA


Norman Russell, Owner, Norman Russell Design
Santa Barbara, CA


Elizabeth Scarpelli, Owner/Partner, Scarpelli and Kakehashi Physical Therapy
San Francisco, CA


Richard Schaper, President, WealthSteward Consulting
Mill Valley, CA


Rob Seltzer, CPA
Malibu, CA


David Sisson, CEO, Jandd Mountaineering Inc
San Diego, CA


Chloe Smith, Cafe Barista, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Los Angeles, CA


MacKenzie Smith, CEO, Quacon Testing Services
Pleasant Hill, CA


William Smith, Realtor,
Belvedere, CA


Richard Speiglman, Principal, Speiglman Associates
Oakland, CA


Daniel Steele, President, North Coast Enterprises
Arcata, CA


Nancy Stockwell, Nancy Stockwell, LCSW, American Mental Health Alliance, California
San Diego, CA


Lisa Striebing, Owner, Lisa L. Striebing, Tax Consultant
Burlingame, CA


Barbara Sullivan, Publisher, CLL
Cupertino, CA


Robert Taylor, Owner, Channel Islands Data Supply
Camarillo, CA


Alan Thiesen, Vice-President, Digital Research (retired)
Nevada City, CA


Jacqueline Tousley, Owner, White Dove Publishing Co.
Laguna Beach, CA


Vivian Toy, Independent Jewelry Consultant, Cookie Lee Jewelry
Forest Ranch, CA


Jonathan Troen, Vice President, Digital Media, China Music Management
Santa Monica, CA


Jeff Turner, President, Living Ayurveda
Monterey, CA


Howard Vicini, Founder, Bay Media Lab
San Francisco, CA


Reed Vickerman, Vice President of Corporate Operations, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
San Diego, CA


Jan Villarreal, Carleen's Artistry
Bakersfield, CA


Mal Warwick, Founder * Chairman, Mal Warwick | Donordigital
Berkeley, CA


Melanie Weiner, Director of Clinical Training, Star View Child and Family Services
Los Angeles, CA


Andreas Wittenstein, President, BitJazz Inc.
San Geronimo, CA


Lucien Wulsin, Executive Director, ITUP
Santa Monica, CA


Heather Young Curry, Owner/photographer, Young Curry Photography
Atascadero, CA


Jason Zelin, CEO, Brooklyn Media
Los Angeles, CA


Christine Zender, VP, Creative Services, Tendo Communications
San Francisco, CA


Craig BarberBarber Legal
Golden, CO


Robert (Andy) Bardwell, Owner, Bardwell Consulting
Denver, CO


Kriss Bergethon, President, Solar Sphere, LLC
Oak Creek, CO


Lalania Carrillo, Co-Owner, Karma Cafe
Denver, CO


Linda Franklin, Owner, Sew Far Sew Good Tailors
Littleton, CO


Ron Gamino, Owner, Gamino Printing Company
Denver, CO


Heather Jernberg, Founding Partner and COO, Boreas Group
Denver, CO


David Killmer, Attorney At Law, Killmer, Lane and Newman LLP
Denver, CO


Gretchen Koehler, CPA, Gretchen Koehler, CPA
Denver, CO


Mark Kostovny, CEO, Second Phase
Boulder, CO


Lomas Leslie, Editor-Owner, Paradigm Publishers
Boulder, CO


David Lichtenstein, Attorney At Law, David Lichtenstein Law Office
Denver, CO


Thomas MarquezPyramid Print and Graphics
Denver, CO


Tim Marquez, Owner, The Laughing Bean
Denver, CO


Joseph McMahon, Manager, Collaborative Processes
Denver, CO


Marilyn Megenity, Owner, Mercury Cafe
Denver, CO


Faatma Mehrmanesh, Co-Owner, Karma Cafe
Denver, CO


Doug Naiman, Owner, Aviano Coffee
, CO


Dylan Norton, Co-Owner, Durango Doughworks
Durango, CO


Hugh Pixler, Owner, Law Offices of Hugh Pixler LLC
Denver, CO


Jerry Powell, Owner, Color Graphix
Denver, CO


Barry Roseman, Attorney At Law, Roseman and Kazmierski LLC
Denver, CO


Jenni Sonnen, Co-Owner, Tesoros LTD
Indian Hills, CO


Alan Treibitz, CEO, Z-Axis Corporation
Greenwood Village, CO


Cherylin Vandergrist, Owner, Cherylin Vandergrist LLC
Denver, CO


James VanNewhouse, President, CPR Home Store
Wheatridge, CO


Marty Watts, Owner, Intuitive Design
Cedaredge, CO


Courtney Bourns, Partner, Berman Mickelson Dembo & Jacobs
Hartford, CT


John Creasy, Investor
New Fairfield, CT


Steven Crusberg, owner, Steve's Lawn & Landscape llc
Portland, CT


Adnan Durrani, CEO, Saffron Road
Stamford, CT


Mark Hand, President, Compass Data, Inc.
Columbia, CT


Alexandra Marchosky, Principal, Framework:CR
New Haven, CT


John Paris, CEO, Paris Chocolates, Inc.
Washington, CT


Michele Salonia, Owner, Michele Salonia, DMD
Middletown, CT


Robert Siblery, President, retired, PELEgroup
Riverside, CT


Ta-Tanysha David, Membership Coordinator, National Assoc. of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs
Washington, DC


Margot Dorfman, CEO, U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce
Washington, DC


Jonathan Fantini Porter, Managing Partner, Denison and Porter
Washington, DC


G. William (Bill) Foster, Co-founder & former CEO, Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.
Washington, DC


Elisabeth Gehl, Director of Public Policy, Business and Professional Women/USA
Washington, DC


Robert Hanrott, CEO (former),
Washington, DC


Washington, DC


John Mitchell, Owner, Interaction Law
Washington, DC


Kirsten Poole, Business Manager, National Cherry Blossom
Washington, DC


Dianne Saenz, Investor
Washington, DC


James Turner, Partner, Swankin and Turner
Washington, DC


Daniel Turner, President, TCG
Washington, DC


Alison Houck, Managing Partner, Faw Casson
Rehoboth Beach, DE


Sheella Mierson, President, Creative Learning Solutions, Inc.
Newark, DE


David H. Barrow, Professional Surveyor and Mapper, David Barrow Surveying & Mapping, Inc.
Tavernier, FL


John Bell, Reverend, Lakewood Methodist Counseling Center
Saint Petersburg, FL


Autry Brantley, Managing Member & CEO, Matter v. Spirit, LLC
Miami, FL


Francisco Colon, RF Engineer, Actix
Lake Worth, FL


Nancy Deren, owner, Nancy Deren Financial Coaching
Gainesville, FL


Michael Eason, President, The Pegasus Group, Inc.
West Palm Beach, FL


Sandra Efstathiou, Purchasing Agent, K Consulting Group
Rockledge, FL


Crystal Hall, Owner, Lances Moving Co.
Saint Petersburg, FL


Aaron Hall, Sales Director,
Miami, FL


Laura Hansen, C.E.O., Coalition to End Homelessness
Fort Lauderdale, FL


St. Petersburg, FL


Karen Joslin, Owner/Photographer, Karen Joslin Photography
Tallahassee, FL


Sean O'Donovan, Food Service Supervisor, Einstein Bagel Co.
Brandon, FL


John Perkins, Chairman, Dream Change
Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Rose Marie Ray, Owner/Innkeeper (ret), Pamian Inc./Mansion House B&B
Seminole, FL


Jorge Rodriguez, President, J.R. Maintenance Inc.
Hialeah, FL


Sharyn Scull, owner, retired, Sherry Scull Marketing & Copywriting
St Augustine, FL


David Sheehan, President, Nancy Sheehan Real Estate
Summerfield, FL


Sarah Tate, Former Real Estate Agent, Retired from Century 21
West Palm Beach, FL


Donna Torrey, President, The Garden Gate, Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL


Boca Raton, FL


Gerald and Louise Blume, Owners, Morning Glory Farm
Clermont, GA


Atlanta, GA


David Chastain, President, North Georgia Woodworks, Inc.
Toccoa, GA


John Clark, President, Twelve Foot Guru LLC
Jonesboro, GA


Michael Corcoran, President, Corcoran Ota
Atlanta, GA


Patrice Dickey, Owner, PD Communications
Avondale Estates, GA


Herbert Eber, President, Psychological Resources, Inc.
Atlanta, GA


Floyd Fears, President, Seven Queens Upholstery
Atlanta, GA


Charles Green, President, Sunrise Bank of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA


Lamarr Gulley, President, Voice Visions Productions, LLC
Atlanta, GA


Samuel Higdon, Retired, Piedmont Mountain Consultants, LLC
Blue Ridge, GA


Tirza Hollenhorst, President, ifPeople
Atlanta, GA


Moushumi Kabir, CEO, Simply Web, Inc.
Atlanta, GA


Margaret Kaiser, Owner, Grand Central Pizza
Atlanta, GA


Woody King, President, King Developers
Atlanta, GA


Matthew Post, Owner, The Pirate Ship LLC
Marietta, GA


Mark Rinder, President and CEO, RINDER, Inc.
Atlanta, GA


Edna Rodriguez, Founder,
Atlanta, GA


Marietta, GA


Bryant Smith, Real estate investing
Stone Mountain, GA


Lya Sorano, Founder & Principal, Atlanta Women in Business
Atlanta, GA


Debi Starnes, Innkeeper, Sugar Magnolia B&B
Atlanta, GA


Debi Starnes, Emstar Research, Inc.
Atlanta, GA


Yamini Virani, Owner, ActionCoach
Mableton, GA


Gloria Faltstrom, Owner, Shaklee
Kaneohe, HI


Monica Flores, VP Operations, 10K Webdesign
Oakland, HI


Jean Bunz, President, Clinical Massage and Reflexology
Gilmore City, IA


David Hempel, Former Owner, Eble Music Co
Iowa City, IA


James Briggs, President, James Briggs Trucking
Idaho Falls, ID


James Krieg, Owner, Victory Business Services
Boise, ID


Chance Larue, Owner, Chance Larue Painting Co.
Cottonwood, ID


Lisa Leff, Vice President, Trillium Asset Management Corporation
Boise, ID


Ken Mackie, President & CEO, Three Ravens, Inc.
Nampa, ID


Scot McGavin, Co-Owner, Puentes Language Programs
Boise, ID


Katherine Noble, Landscape architect, Katherine Noble & Associates
Hailey, ID


Gerry Queener, Owner, Calochortus Creations
Troy, ID


Bob Wagenknecht, Rancher (ret)
Leadore, ID


Michael Alexander, President, Conscious Planet Media
Chicago, IL


Deborah Benson, Owner, Deborah Benson Designs
Chicago, IL


Stephen Blessman, Founder, EDB Organization
Chicago, IL


David Borris, Owner and President, Hel's Kitchen Catering
Northbrook, IL


Christine Boulware, Managing Director, The Boulware Group, Inc.
Chicago, IL


Neil Brinkmeier, Owner, Life Investors
Amboy, IL


Dave Clarkin, President, Clarkin, Inc.
Chicago, IL


Pamela Clarkin, Owner, We Can Do It Painting & Wallcovering
Edwardsville, IL


Richard Conser, Ret. Senior Patent Attorney, Universal Oil Products Co.
Golf, IL


Daliah Fritz, Business Manager, Conifer Research
Chicago, IL


Sherry Hayes, Former President, Grayboy Motor Sports
Chillicothe, IL


Mark Heaney, Vice President/COO, Addus HealthCare
Palatine, IL


Katy Hogan, Co-Owner,
Chicago, IL


Michael James, Co-Owner, The Heartland Cafe
Chicago, IL


Gregory Karnauch, Independent Associate, Pre Paid Legal Services,Inc.
Cary, IL


Dave Koch, CEO, AvWorld FliteMatrix
St. Charles, IL


Kevin Lampe, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Kurth Lampe Worldwide
Chicago, IL


Peter Tauch, Owner, Fungi Finder
Palatine, IL


Claudia Trapp, Oakbrook Business & Professional Women's Organization
Westmont, IL


Thomas Woods, President, Woods Home Improvement
River Forest, IL


Jim Jachimiak, owner, Square Deal Contracting
Franklin, IN


Terry Laskowski, CEO, Complete Logistics
Gary, IN


Karen Pilkington, Managing Partner, Warwick Partners K LLC
Muncie, IN


Carlton Tilley, Proprietor/Consultant, Tilley Technology Consulting
Evansville, IN


Elias Awad, Owner, Olathe Optical
Olathe, KS


Marcie Breiner, President, Business and Professional Women Clubs Inc of Kansas
Chanute, KS


Beverly Gering, Administrative Director, Trinity Heights Respite Care, Inc.
Newton, KS


Beverly Johnson, Retired, Kansas BPW
Kansas City, KS


Karla Lucas, Owner, Lucas Computer Repair
Hoxie, KS


Laura Miller, Registrar, Franklin County Historical Society
Ottawa, KS


Helen Norman, Co-Owner, Garnett Dairy Queen & Kansas BPW
Garnett, KS


Sharene Oldham, Owner, Fair Share Tax Auditor & Consultant
Derby, KS


Linda Reed, President Elect, Business & Professional Women, Kansas
Ottawa, KS


Kathy Roberts, Meetings Manager, Business & Professional Women/Kansas
Garnett, KS


John Maruskin, Gardener, Myristica
Winchester, KY


Robert Nesmith, Co-owner, Cunningham Golf Car Co., Inc.
Louisville, KY


Mary O'Bryan, President, q Business Group
Louisville, KY


Mary O'Bryan, Owner, Health Care Promotions, LLC
Louisville, KY


Evelyn Cathey, President, Creations Galore
Mandeville, LA


Donna Cleary, Owner/CEO, Cleary Enterprises, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA


Dimples Crosby, Director/ Owner, Crosby Energy Services
Cut Off, LA


Marianne Frazee, Owner, Frazee Recruiting Consultants, Inc.
Baton Rouge, LA


Yvette Hymel, Owner, Profroma Key Solutions
New Orleans, LA


Camille Moran, Owner, Caramor Industries; 4 Seasons Christmas Tree and Plant Farm
Natchitoches, LA


Diane Orgeron, President, Jefferson Marine Towing Inc
Harvey, LA


Kenneth Bane, Owner, Lannmark Properties
Salem, MA


Judy Beals, Yoga teacher & Artist
Salem, MA


Gary Best, President, Best Enterprises
Sharon, MA


Narain Bhatia, Chairman, The Nonprofit Net Inc.
Lexington, MA


Robert Bick, CFO, Jenni Bick Bookbinding, Inc
West Tisbury, MA


Cambridge, MA


Janet Childs, Owner, Jan Childs Landscape Designer
Cambridge, MA


Laurie Christiansen, President, Techtik, Inc.
Newburyport, MA


Andrew Cole, Owner, Andy Cole Builders
Wendell, MA


Chuck Collins, Director, Wealth for the Common Good
Boston, MA


Stephen Cowell, President, E4TheFuture
Framingham, MA


Fred Davis, President, Fred Davis Corporation
Medfield, MA


Ann Deluty, Owner, Livable Landscapes
Stow, MA


William P. Densmore, Senior Vice President, retired, Norton/St. Gobain
Worcester, MA


Lisa Di Pietro, Owner, The Pet Cabaret
Roslindale, MA


Larry Diamond, President, Senior Health Systems Inc.
Boston, MA


Rink Dickinson, Co-President, Equal Exchange
West Bridgewater, MA


David Eggleton, Owner, Applied Ecologies
Woburn, MA


Felicia Farber Gervais, GCD Consultants, LLC
Weston, MA


James Feldman, Engineering Consultant
Newton, MA


Michael Frieze, Chairman, Gordon Brothers Group
Boston, MA


Robert Glassman, Chairman, Wainwright Bank & Trust Company
Boston, MA


Julie Goodridge, CEO, NorthStar Asset Management,Inc.
Boston, MA


Steven Grossman, President, Grossman Marketing Group
Somerville, MA


Denise Guerin, Principal, Law Office of Denise M. Guerin, P.C.
Cambridge, MA


Laurence Hammel, Executive Director, Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts


Doug Hammond, Principal, Burns & Hammond
Hatfield, MA


Erika Hansen, President, Cape Ann Business Incubator
Gloucester, MA


Arnold Hiatt, Former President, CEO, The Stride Rite Corporation
Boston, MA


Laurence Howard, Owner, Grace Sales
Marblehead, MA


Rob Howe, President, Sustainnovation
Beverly, MA


John Isaacson, President, Isaacson, Miller
Boston, MA


michael kanter, Owner, Cambridge Naturals
somerville, MA


Trish Karter, CEO, Dancing Deer Baking Co.
Boston, MA


Dr. Lydia Knutson, Clinical Director and owner, The Lydian Center for Holistic Medicine
Cambridge, MA


Alan Kosansky, President, Profit Point Inc.
North Brookfield, MA


Prakash Laufer, CFO, Mother2Baby Inc
Northampton, MA


Kathy LeMay, President & CEO, Raising Change, LLC
Northampton, MA


Jamaica Plain, MA


Leo McCormack, Principal, Leo McCormack, AIA, Architect
Walpole, MA


Catherine Melina, Principal (Retired), Melina/Hyland design group
Cambridge, MA


Jim Miller, Chairman/ Co-Founder, FiRE+iCE Restaurants
Boston, MA


Susan Moore, President, Moore Financial Advisors, Ltd.
Watertown, MA


Arthur Obermayer, President, Moleculon Research Corp.
Newton, MA


Alex Rigopulos, CEO, Harmonix
Cambridge, MA


Michael Risen, Owner, M. Risen Consulting, Inc.
Housatonic, MA


Ronni Sachs Kotler, Clinical Social Worker, Ronni Sachs Kotler, LICSW
Brookline, MA


Robert Sager, Electrician, Home Remodel
Malden, MA


Carlyn Saltman, President, Your Story Matters
Turners Falls, MA


Cambridge, MA


Florence Sender, CEO, FoodLogic, LLC
Newton, MA


Holly Sklar, Executive Director, Business for Shared Prosperity
Boston, MA


Alan Solomont, Chairman/CEO, SolomontBailis Ventures LLC
Netwon, MA


Bradley Steele, CEO, Energy Federation, Inc.
Westborough, MA


Benneville Strohecker, Founder, Harbor Sweets, Inc
Marblehead, MA


Jon Tepper, President and Founder, J. Tepper Group
Newton, MA


Sidney Topol, President, The Topol Group
Boston, MA


Barbara Wand, Partner, Day Pitney
Boston, MA


David Warner, Owner, City Feed and Supply
Boston, MA


Phil Wells, Dentist, Dr. Philip Wells
Somerville, MA


Tom Willits, Owner, MRW Connected, Inc.
Easthampton, MA


Melody Winnig, Director, Vivace Associates
wayland, MA


David Buscher, Proprietor, Bluehouse
Baltimore, MD


Donna Jean Ciuffreda, Singa Productions
Dunkrik, MD


Mark Cook, Owner and Operator, Cook Networking - IT Management Company
College Park, MD


Petra Cook, Proprietor, JHC1 MUSIC
Germantown, MD


John Furst, President, J.H. Furst Company of Baltimore City
Baltimore, MD


Alan Gregerman, President and Chief Innovation Officer, VENTURE WORKS Inc.
Silver Spring, MD


Sheridan Neimark, co-owner, law firm
Silver Spring, MD


Charles Newton, President, Newton-Evans Research Company
Ellicott City, MD


Marcia Ormsby MD, Owner, Maria V. Ormsby, MD PC
Annapolis, MD


Wendy Rosen, Founder, American Made Alliance
Baltimore, MD


William Segraves, Manager, Telecommunications
Crownsville, MD


Michael Shuman, Director of Research and Public Policy, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)
Takoma Park, MD


Michael Vermehren, Vice President, RF Valves, Inc.
Columbia, MD


Thomas Verratti, President and CEO, Constructive Change & Coaching Center
Bethesda, MD


Marjorie Phyfe, President, Peaks Island Counseling Services
Peaks Island, ME


Mike Shunney, Owner, Inner Works Center
Rockland, ME


James Wellehan, President, Lamey-Wellehan Shoes
Auburn, ME


Brian Beaver, CEO, Internet Information Services
Algonac, MI


Rebecca Bucata, Owner, A 2 Z Petcare
Royal Oak, MI


Scott DiGuglielmo, Therapist
Rochester Hills, MI


Antoinette Dwan, Owner, Antoinette's Antiques
St. Joseph, MI


Judy Ford, Contributing Editor, The Shiawassee Progressive
Owosso, MI


Cynthia Kamish, Administration, University of Michigan Hospital & Health Center
Canton, MI


Michael Kitchen, Managing Partner, Waking Up
Warren, MI


Armand and Jane Nevers, Owners, Time on My Hands Antiques
Detroit, MI


Richard O. Reynolds, Owner, Reynolds Tax Service
Pontiac, MI


Gregory Rowles, Owner, R & R Repair Service
Three Oaks, MI


Joseph Sheahan, President, Ground Water Solutions, Inc.
Lansing, MI


Tom Tessin, CEO, FindCollegeCards
Oxford, MI


Maurits Winkler-Prins, Proprietor, Indoor Environmental
Troy, MI


Steve Abbott, Senior Principle, The Restive Group,Inc.
Mound, MN


Carmen Barker Lemay, President & CEO, Integrative Growth, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN


Dean DeHarpporte, Owner, OnPoint Lasers, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN


Marilyn & Steve Erickson, Owners & Directors, Erickson Mediation Institute
Minneapolis, MN


Cynthia Huse, Owner, Curves
Madison, MN


Gregory J Klepetka, Dr., Integrated Health Center
Alexandria, MN


Lorelei Kraft, President, Candle Enterprises, Inc.
Park Rapids, MN


Diane Norland, CEO, Wholelifeleadership
North Mankato, MN


Barbara Parks, Founder and Owner, Green Career Tracks
Minneapolis, MN


Ellen Saul, President, Ellen Saul & Associates, Inc.
Albert Lea, MN


Jennifer Thorpe, Owner, Soul Tonic
Bloomington, MN


Danie Watson, President, Watson Group Marketing Communications
Wayzata, MN


Mary Whitaker, Owatonna Clinic
Owatonna, MN


Michael Corgiat, President, Keystone Financial Services LLC
St. Louis, MO


Mo Costello, Owner, MoKaBe's Coffeehouse
St. Louis, MO


Wes Coulson, Owner, NAELA
St. Louis, MO


Shirley Crenshaw, Owner, Crenshaw Inc.
St. Louis, MO


Scott Diehl, President, God Bless The World, Inc.
Alexandria, MO


Darren Helms, Manager of Environmental Services, Aramark for McCune-Brooks Regional Hospital
Joplin, MO


Elythe Higgins, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Gundaker
Florissant, MO


Virgil Hill, President, WaterSpring Advisors LLC
Springfield, MO


Beth Hinkson Nazemi, Owner, Creve Coeur Oil & Car Wash
Chesterfield, MO


Michael Mastersom, Owner, Games Galore
Cape Girardeau, MO


Lew Prince, CEO & Co-Owner, Vintage Vinyl Inc.
St. Louis, MO


Laura Ross, Owner/Operator, Lecoma Market
Lecoma, MO


Aimee Sanita, Owner, Circle Tax and Accounting
Kansas City, MO


Kansas City, MO


David Scott, Co-Owner,
Kansas City, MO


John Scott, Owner, John Scott Fitness
Kansas City, MO


Linda Spitzer, President, Information Management Solutions, Inc.
St. Louis, MO


Garion Dillingham, President, Dillingham Energy Services LLC
Corinth, MS


John Wiles III, Business Manager, Kevin Stewart Ms. Ops. Inc.
Olive Branch, MS


Vickie Amundson, Real Estate Broker, Missoula Org. of Realtors
Missoula, MT


Dayna Baumeister, Partner & Co-Founder, Biomimicry Guild
Missoula, MT


Norma Boetel, Owner Insurance Agency, Boetel Agency
Bozeman, MT


Jennifer Frank, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley
Belgrade, MT


Cary Griffin, CEO and Senior Partner, GHA, Inc
Florence, MT


Shalon Hastings, Owner, Taco del Sol
Helena, MT


Jeff Milchen, Co-Founder, American Independent Business Alliance
Bozeman, MT


Brian Smith, Managing Partner, Blackfoot River Brewing Company LLC
Helena, MT


Michael Willing, Owner, Deer Creek Corporate Services
Helena, MT


Ellie Kierson, CEO, The Easy Street Group LLC
West Long Branch, NJ


Elliot Paul Rothman, Artist & Architect, Elliot Paul Rothman
Brooklyn, NY


Steve Zorn, Racing Manager/Owner, Castle Village Farm
Garden City, NY


Bill Denham, Owner, Urban Harvest
Portland, OR


Robert (Rohit) Millstein, Investment Advisor, Millstein Advisors, LLC
Sugar Land, TX
Erica Payne, President, Agenda Project
Washington, DC


Courtney Bartik, Owner, Blue Sky Papers
Milton, GA


Nancy Chew, President, Regulatory Affairs, North America
Durham, NC


Edith M. Conrad, Financial Consultant, Citizan--Retired
Asheville, NC


Joseph Gardner, Owner, Bon Marche
Chapel Hill, NC


Jane & Donald Gilbert, Owners, Gilbert Farm
Leland, NC


David Kirkpatrick, Managing Director, SJF Ventures
Durham, NC


Barrie Oblinger, Owner, BlueWest Studio
Mebane, NC


John Parker, Executive Director, Good Work, Inc.
Raleigh, NC


Amy Pencola, Owner, Redflower Skin Salon
Raleigh, NC


Jo Teachman, Owner, Integrative Therapies
Chapel Hill, NC


Lynice R. Williams, Executive Director, North Carolina Fair Share
Raleigh, NC


Jerod Hawk, Owner, Amega Computers
Bismark, ND


Lois Rambough, Owner, Owl Bookstore
Bismarck, ND


Randy Rowse, mr, Sjorlie Farms Organic
Noonan, ND


Daryl Wetzel, Owner, DW Meats & Sausage
Bismarck, ND


Rodney Kamarad, Owner, Kamarad Farms
Comstock, NE


Don Reeves, Owner & Policy Consultant, Farm
Central City, NE


Keri Rheinfrank-Perkins, Claims Adjuster, FirstComp Insurance
Omaha, NE


Don Brueggemann, Manager, Bagel Works
Concord, NH


Sara Dustin, Owner, D.& M. Antique
Contoocook, NH


John A Grieco JR, President, Quality Flame Cutting Inc
Fremont, NH


Campbell Harvey, Attorney, President, Harvey, Mahoney & Bakis
Manchester, NH


Charles Henderson, President, Chuck Roast Equipment Inc
Conway, NH


Karl Johnson, owner, GrowthWords
Monroe, NH


William Jordan, Owner, Jordan Signature Heating
Exeter, NH


Gayle Kimball, Principal, Gift Planning Counsel, LLC
Contoocook, NH


Karin McKenzie, Manager, Finance and Administration, Orion Wire Company Inc.
Warren, NH


Dorothy Peabody, Owner/Treasurer, Beltronics,Inc.
Hollis, NH


Dorothy Peabody, Owner, DLoveleyDesigns,LLC
Nashua, NH


Dan Pike, Principal Owner, Architectural School Equipment
Rollisnford, NH


James Powers, President, Sunnyside Acura, Inc
Nashua, NH


Ian Raymond, Owner, Raymond Photography
Laconia, NH


Tammy Svenson, Long Term Care Counselor, ServiceLink
Portsmouth, NH


Patricia Wilczynski, Owner/Director, Psychotherapy Associates
Concord, NH


Gary Barzel, VP of Small Business Development, FastUpFront
Clifton, NJ


Thomas Campbell, Owner, TSC Custom Flooring
Old Bridge, NJ


Edwina Ekstrom, Owner, Edwina M Ekstrom - Title Searcher
Belvidere, NJ


Lori Fabian, President, Fabian Consulting, Inc.
Hightstown, NJ


Dianne Hartshorn, President, The Hartshorn Group
Parsippany, NJ


Anne Hege, MA, Anne Hege Productions
Princeton, NJ


Smitha Katragadda, Technical Assistance Coordinator, Manavi
New Brunswick, NJ


Sheldon Lynch, CIO & Director of New Business Development, OfficeComPutech, Inc.
Barnegat, NJ


Ron Madigan, Recycling Consultant,
Ringwood, NJ


Dennis McIntyre, Manager, Klein Associates
Hillsdale, NJ


Joseph Mezzo, President, JAM Technologies LLC
Manalapan, NJ


Robert Montague, Owner, Donnelly Antenna, Audio, & Video
Hamilton, NJ


Gita Patel, President, JKH solutions,Inc
Jersey City, NJ


Joyce & Mike Rappeport, President & Vice President, RL Associates
Princeton, NJ


Seth Rogovin, Counselor, SCORE Chapter 1000
Fort Lee, NJ


MW Savant, CEO,
Edison, NJ


Jo Sippie-Gora, Realtor, Coldwell Banker
Kinnelon, NJ


Brant van Lindenburg, CIO, FYA Consulting
Farmingdale, NJ


Bill Weightman, Administrator, Sussex County
Lake Stockholm, NJ


Holly Beaumont, Owner, Inspired Baking Company
Santa Fe, NM


Dr. Kathleen Burke, MD
Las Cruces, NM


Tina Cordova, President, Queston Construction, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM


Diane Denish, Lieutenant Governor, State of New Mexico
Santa Fe, NM


Nancy Denker, Owner, Focus Ink, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM


Marianne Dickinson, Partner, No Place Like Home LLC
Albuquerque, NM


Beatriz Ferreira, Owner, Paz International
Las Cruces, NM


Andrew Gold, Executive Director, Rose Mountain, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM


Barbara Grothus, Owner, B. Graphix
Albuquerque, NM


Elene Gusch, CEO, Kuan Yin Acupuncture
Albuquerque, NM


Kari Harrison, Owner, H & W Electrical Services
Silver City, NM


Charles Jetty, Owner, GMX Hard Water Treatment, NM
Albuquerque, NM


Linda Joyce, Associate Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX Elite
Albuquerque, NM


Anne La Lopa, Pres., Water Lady, inc.
Albuquerque, NM


Leslie Lakind, Dr., Leslie Lakind
Santa Fe, NM


Eli Lee, President and CEO, Soltari Inc.
Albuquerque, NM


Mike Logghe, Owner/Contractor, Logghe Enterprises
Espanola, NM


Robert Mang, Regenesis, LLC
Santa Fe, NM


Daniel & Claudia Miller, Owners, Blossoms Garden Center
Ranchos de Taos, NM


James Mokres, Owner, James Mokres Roofing, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM


Donald Schiff, Owner, Stonecircle Massage
Albuquerque, NM


Judith Shipsky, President, Solutions!
Albuquerque, NM


Carolyn Stephenson, Owner/Manager, Mission Cafe & Sweet Shop / Community Farm
Santa Fe, NM


Chrysm Watson Ross, Owner, Chronos
Albuquerque, NM


Carol Chesnut, Chesnut Law Offices
Las Vegas, NV


Steve Fernlund, Consultant, SFG Business Advisors, LLC
Las Vegas, NV


Gay Kennedy, General Partner, Howard & Harriet Kennedy FLP
Las Vegas, NV


Gary Musser, Author
Las Vegas, NV


Gary Spencer, Owner, Better Body Connection
Las Vegas, NV


Ronald Wolf, Network marketer, Wolfs Balanced Interiors Enterprises
Las Vegas, NV


Stephen Abrams, Owner, Schneider and Abrams PC
New York, NY


Myrna Baron, Executive Director, Center for Cultural Judaism
New York, NY


Aaron Bisman, CEO, JDub Music INC
New York, NY


Peter Bitenc, Administrative Assistant, Domini Social Investments
New York, NY


Gabriel Blau, Director, Gabriel Blau Consulting
Larchmont, NY


Gerrie Blum, Vice President, Adam & Gillian's
Copiague, NY


David Bolotsky, Founder and CEO, UncommonGoods
Brooklyn, NY


Michael Brady, CEO, Greyston Bakery Inc
Yonkers, NY


Irwin Brandon, President, Hadley Lockwood, Inc.
New York, NY


Talia Braude, Owner, Braude Pankiewicz Architects
Brooklyn, NY


Max Brennan, President, Manhattan Molds & Casts, Inc
Brooklyn, NY


Lisel Burns, Managing Partner, FM Control USA, LLC
Brooklyn, NY


Amy Chender, Chief Operating Officer, ABC Carpet & Home
New York, NY


Paulette Cole, CEO & Creative Director, ABC Home
New York, NY


Greg Correll, Owner, Small Packages, Inc.
New Paltz, NY


Stephan Cotton, Principal, Cotton Consulting LLC
New York, NY


Susan Curtis, President, Curtis Commercial, Inc.
Commack, NY


Dimitri Devyatkin, Vice President; Producer; Co-owner, Presentelevision, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY, NY


Eileen Fisher, Founder and Chairwoman, EILEEN FISHER, Inc.
Irvington, NY


Brian Flynn, Principal, Schlossberg:Flynn
New York, NY


Vince Frere, General manager, Eastern Liberty Services LLc.
Sunnyside, NY


Joan Garofalo, Owner, Retired Private Long Term Care Consultant
Freehold, NY


L. Glasner, President, Entry Publishing
New York, NY


Melissa Gluck, Attorney, Legal Aid Society
New York, NY


Ajax Greene, Founder/CEO, On Belay Business Advisors Inc.
Gardiner, NY


Ed Gregory, CFO, Merlion Entertainment
New York, NY


Margaret Haas, President, The Haas Associates, Inc.
New York, NY


Gayle Haines, President, Long Island Lighthouse Safaris, Inc.
Captree Island, NY


Tom Hall, President, The Pleiadian Group, Ltd.
New York, NY


Amy Hall, Vice President, Social Consciousness, EILEEN FISHER
Irvington, NY


Sireesha Katragadda, Principal, Katchenkoo
New York, NY


Penelope King, Owner, Distinctive Gardens
Meridale, NY


Ray Kosarin, President, Kosarin Productions, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY


Michelle Larson, LMT, Massage Therapist
Staten Island, NY


Charles Lauster, President, Charles Lauster Architect
New York, NY


Michael Lent, Financial Advisor, Progressive Asset Management
New York, NY


Paul Lightfoot, CEO, BrightFarms
Rockaway, NY


Miranda Magagnini, Co-CEO, IceStone LLC
Brooklyn, NY


Malka Maxwell, CEO, Malka Maxwell/SQR
New York, NY


Aliza Mazor, Executive Director, Bikkurim, Inc.
New York, NY


Jon Mocko, President, Compass Point Computers
Port Jefferson Sta., NY


Harry Phillips, Managing Director, Winged Keel Group
New York, NY


Julie Ratner, President, Ellen P. Hermanson Foundation
New York, NY


Edward Rosenfeld, President (retired), IFR Furniture Rentals
New York, NY


Darius Ross, Managing Partner, D Alexander Ross Real Estate Capital Partners
New York, NY


Martin Rothenberg, President & Owner, Glottal Enterprises
Syracuse, NY


Mike Sharpe, President, M.E.Sharpe, Publisher
Armonk, NY


Marjorie Smith, Owner, Law Office of Marjorie Smith
Piermont, NY


Betty Spence, President, Equal Voice
New York, NY


Richard Sprout, Owner, Two Rivers Bookstore
binghamton, NY


Ron Stein, President, Vision Long Island
Northport, NY


Peter Strugatz, President, Strugatz Ventures Inc.
East Hampton, NY


Jonathan Tasini, Executive Director, Labor Research Association
New York, NY


Bonnie Vierthaler, Owner, PrayersMadeVisible
Harpursville, NY


Alex von Bidder, President, The Four Seasons Restaurant
New York, NY


Michael Weinberg, CEO, National Transportation Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
Valhalla, NY


Jody Weiss, Founder / CEO, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics
New York, NY


Richard Westbrooks, Owner/operator, EZ Riders
Hempstead, NY


Charles Wittman, President, Architectural Fiberglass Corp
Copiague, NY


Anthony Tsang Yee, President, Eng & Yee Designs, Inc
Leonia, NY


Joan Young, Partner, Ed Young Trucking
Catskill, NY


Carol Bradley, General Manager, The Refund Group
Columbus, OH


Janet Buechel, Owner, Loading Dock Supply, LLC
Ashley, OH


Carlynn Canny, President, Synergistic Systems
Willoughby Hills, OH


Karen Devereaux, GL Suspense Supervisor, JPMChase
Columbus, OH


Roy Eastman, Owner, Electroshield Inc
Yellow Springs, OH


Douglas Erickson, President, ENTARCO USA Inc.
Columbus, OH


Kathleen Goggin, Owner, Corporate Oasis Massage
Cleveland, OH


Kevin Labadie, Owner/Vice President, Site Technology, Inc.
Stow, OH


James Marsey, President, Euclid Spring Co., Inc.
Wickliffe, OH


Nina Masseria, Broker/Owner, Carriage Trade Realty, Inc.
Columbus, OH


Warner Mendenhall, Owner, The Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall
Akron, OH


Connie Miller, Owner/President, Connie Miller Insurance, Inc.
Lima, OH


Joe Mosyjowski, Owner, Mosyjowski & Associates Engineers
Hartville, OH


Susan Nelson, Principal, Improvement Works LLC
Cleveland, OH


Steve Norton, Owner, Clean Cutz
Columbus, OH


Michael O'Brien, Retired Business Owner, formerly Athens Global Inc.
Shade, OH


Richard OBrien, Broker, Mayo & Associates Inc., Realtors
Boardman, OH


Albert Parker, President, The Outside In, Inc.
Chesterland, OH


Lloyd Peters, Owner, Perfect PC
Grove City, OH


Chris Peters, Owner, Clear Crystal Media
Columbus, OH


Richard Reinoehl, Director, Studio Orpheus
Oberlin, OH


Diana Reller, President, RealEdge Resources, LLC
Grove City, OH


Carl Schuh, Businessman
Gibsonburg, OH


Bishop Steven Scott, CEO, Dr. J.W. Jones Center for Training and Inner-City Development
Cincinnati, OH


Bill Seiber, Mr., Rainbow Son Rising
Columbus, OH


Bud Willis, Owner, Buds One Stop
Jackson, OH


John Boswell Sr., President/Founder, J.B. Resource Mgt. Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK


Jackie Darrah, Owner, deOmni Secretarial Service
Tulsa, OK


Warren Eads, Owner, Dometec Services LLC
Mustang, OK


Rex Friend, Attorney at Law, Attorney at Law
Oklahoma City, OK


Mark Hayes, President, Hayes & Associates, Inc
Edmond, OK


Suellen & Keith Hazelton, Owners, SueChef Fine Kitchenware
Oklahoma City, OK


Bill Hellams, Owner, Video Producers
Nichols Hills, OK


Gary Hill, President, Gary C. Hill, M.D., Inc
Edmond, OK


Eunyoung Kim, President, Synapse International
Oklahoma City, OK


Joan & Mike Korenblit, Executive Director, Respect Diverstiy Foundation
Edmond, OK


Maka Laughingwolf, Owner, Healing Hands Touch Therapy
Norman, OK


Dawn Long, Insurance Agent, BPW (Business & Professional Women) of Owasso, OK
Owasso, OK


Valerie Love, Owner, Life Mastery Services, L.L.C.
OK City, OK


Terry Masters, Psychotherapist, St. Anthony Hospital/Private Practice
Oklahoma City, OK


Becky McCray, Co-Owner, Allen's Retail Liquors
Alva, OK


Becky McCray, Publisher, Small Biz Survival
Alva, OK


Stephen McCune, Owner, S&L LLC
Skiatook, OK


Brad Neese, Managing Partner, Third Day Communications
Oklahoma City, OK


Robin Paul, Senior Partner, Third Day Communications
Oklahoma City, OK


Kent Ross, Owner, Al's Bicycles Northwest
Oklahoma City, OK


Glenn Shrader Jr., Owner, Glenn J. Shrader, Jr. Attorney at Law
Oklahoma City, OK


Ron Siegman, Owner, Natural Lawn of America
Oklahoma City, OK


Gary Theilen, owner, Theilen Farms
Edmond, OK


Cory Wietelman, Owner, Beyond Communications
Oklahoma City, OK


Cynthia Wolf, Owner, Adelante! Gallery
Oklahoma City, OK


Bob Browning, Business Consultant, Cascadia-Pacific Services
Forest Grove, OR


Craig Chamberlin, President, Kacey, Inc.
Portland, OR


Diana Clark, LCSW, DMin, Diana Clark Counseling
Portland, OR


Daniel Davis, CEO, Biodynamix LLC
Jacksonville, OR


Mark Fritch, Owner, Mark Fritch Log Homes
Sandy, OR


Steve Hanrahan, Owner, Mirador Community Store
Portland, OR


Chris Harker, Founder and Advisor, Cayuse, Inc.
Portland, OR


Usha Honeyman, Physician, Dr. Usha Honeyman
Corvallis, OR


Susan Johnson, Owner,
Portland, OR


Louis Karl, Project Manager, Merlin Enterprises, Inc.
Beaverton, OR


N.J. Mac, Owner, Visions - Eugene
Eugene, OR


Kimberly Meyers, Owner, Kim Meyers Residential Design
Portland, OR


Julie Mikalson, Strategy & Policy Advisor/Liason, Progressive Strategies
Portland, OR


Constance Palaia, Owner, Motel Del Rogue
Grants Pass, OR


Roanna Rosewood, Owner/Operator, Pangea Grills & Wraps Inc.
Ashland, OR


Sandra Roth, member, The Plantworks LLC
LaGrande, OR


John Russell, Managing Partner, Russell Fellows Properties
Portland, OR


Kenneth Scott, Sales
Scio, OR


John Statler, Owner, Computer Services Northwest
Medford, OR


Jack Stephens, Owner, Jack Stephens Consulting
Eugene, OR


Susan Stoltenberg, Executive Director, Portland Impact, Inc.
Portland, OR


Jody Wiser, Investor,
Portland, OR


Brian Barber, President, Barber Construction and Remodeling
Center Valley, PA


Peter Barus, Director, Visual Pricing LLC
Swarthmore, PA


Ellen Berenholz, Executive Director, Pagus:Africa
Haverford, PA


James Bierstaker, Associate Professor, Villanova University
Berwyn, PA


Joseph Breidenstein, Sr., Owner, American Professional Karate, Inc.
Ardmore, PA


Ellen Cohen, owner and director, Body Synergy
Ardmore, PA


Debra Combs, President, Esquire Trucking, Inc.
Bentleyville, PA


Phyllis Combs, Owner, Farm Fortune Bed & Breakfast
New Cumberland, PA


Ellie Francis, Ellie L. Francis, Ph.D., O.D.
Swarthmore, PA


Rosemary Frank-Vitale, Business Manager, Designworks Architects, PC
Reading, PA


Judith Gilbert, CEO, High Tech Computing, Inc.
Meadville, PA


Marty Grims, Owner, White Dog Cafe
Philadelphia, PA


C. Dale Hendricks, President, North Creek Nurseries, Inc
Landenberg, PA


Harold Lewis, Co-owner, SKJ Technologies
Pittsburgh, PA


Danielle Liddic, New Choices/New Options Project Facilitator, West Branch Technology Center
Lock Haven, PA


Cindy Lou, Owner, Cindy's Pet Care
Philadelphia, PA


Charlie Luecke, President, Digi Philadelphia Inc.
Bensalem, PA


Joseph Magid, President, Gryphon Systems, Inc.
Wynnewood, PA


Susan Joan Mauriello, Consultant, The MBA Exchange
Villanova, PA


John Merritt, President, Edinboro Molding Inc
Meadville, PA


Teresa Miller, Attorney, Teresa A. Miller Law Offices
Media, PA


Eugene Molessa, President, Quality Printing & Copying, Inc.
Honesdale, PA


Catherine Raphael, The NUIN Center
Pittsburgh, PA


Elizabeth Rhoads, Associate, David G. Rhoads Associates, Inc.
Kennett Square, PA


Senator M. Joseph Rocks, Chairman and CEO, NHS Human Services
Lafayette Hill, PA


Tom Severino, President, Environmental Science & Remediation Technologies, Inc.
West Chester, PA


Arthur Soifer, CEO, ASA
Conshohocken, PA


Molly Sotherden, Owner, M. Sotherden Art Glass
Harmony, PA


Tom Thomas, President, Thomas Travel Service
Doylestown, PA


Gwendolyn Young-El, Program Manager, Mental Health Association of South Eastern Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA


Faye Gadsden, President & CEO, FLG Consulting LLC
Cumberland, RI


Barry Golden, President, Scott Brass Inc.
Cranston, RI


Elaine Shapiro, President, Elan Designs Salon & Day Spa
East Greenwich, RI


Benson Bagwell, Doctor, Benson L. Bagwell, Family Dentistry
Clemson, SC


Judy Doty, Operations Manager & CoFounder, Doty Scientific
Columbia, SC


Edward Huguenin, Owner, Palmetto-OES, LLC
Myrtle Beach, SC


Georgia Pope, Partner, Charlie's Lock and Key
Fort Mill, SC


Gerard Heier, Vice President, Heier's Meat Mkt. Inc
Hosmer, SD


Mary Keller, Owner/Partner, Keller Law Office
Huron, SD


Charles Olson, Co-Owner, Olde World Acres
Castlewood, SD


Nabil Bayakly, Dr., Muslims in Memphis
Memphis, TN


Bert Bornblum, Owner (retired), Bert's and Greg's clothing stores
Memphis, TN


Maryanna Clarke, Founding Artistic Director, Tennessee Women's Theater Project
Nashville, TN


Peg Duthie, Owner, NashPanache Communications
Nashville, TN


Paula Grout, Realtor, Real estate
Brentwood, TN


Richard Johnson, President, Associated Merchant Services, Inc
Nashville, TN


James Maglio, Jr., Project Purchasing Manager, Lurgi, Inc.
Memphis, TN


Amanda Preece, Owner, Gotta Maid
Rogersville, TN


Carol Risher, Lic. Professional Counselor, Psychological Trauma and Wellness Center
Memphis, TN


Marilyn Robinson, Executive Director, Nashville Minority Business Center
Nashville, TN


Richard Thomas, Vice President, Health Management Associates
Memphis, TN


Lillian Arboleda, Owner, United Auto Title
Houston, TX


John Barnes, Attorney, Gonzalez Bell & Associates, PLLC
Bedford, TX


John Barnes, Owner, John L. Barnes, Attorney & Mediator
Fort Worth, TX


Jack Bates, Owner/Manager, Jack Bates Land Sales
Waco, TX


Deborah Cope, Owner and CEO, To The Penny, Tax Preparation & Representation
San Antonio, TX


James Gatewood, Owner, Work Clothes and More
Austin, TX


Jean Hardy, Owner/ General Manager, Front Street Books
Alpine, TX


Jonette Henderson, AP Mgr, Business & Professional Women's Org
Dallas, TX


Christy Hitchens, Consultant, G3 Sustainability Partners
Hoyston, TX


Charles Kennedy, President, Charles Kennedy, P.C. Attorney at Law
Arlington, TX


Michael Kuhn, President, Dimension Properties Inc
Austin, TX


Brian Kurtz, Owner, Sound Mind Audio-Austin
Austin, TX


Tracy Morris, President, How to Make a Family
Spring, TX


Bernard Rapoport, Chairman Emeritus, American Income Life Insurance Company
Waco, TX


Phillip Rothstein, Principal, Bath Engineering Corporation
El Paso, TX


William Sheets, CFO, Encompass Home Systems LLC
Austin, TX


Sandra Sims, President, Step by Step Fundraising
Wichita Falls, TX


Betty Stephens, AT&T
Carrollton, TX


Gayle Stowers, Owner, Reges Enterprises, LLC
Dumas, TX


Michael Walters, Chairman & President, WINGS CRS Inc.
Houston, TX


Peggy Walton, Owner, Pro Micro, Inc.
Conroe, TX


J. McDonald Williams, Founder & Chairman, Foundation for Community Empowerment
Dallas, TX


Fernando Zambra, President, Latwin, Inc
League City, TX


Dr. John G. Kepros, President, Laser-Plasma Interactions Corp.
Salt Lake City, UT


Sue Martin, Owner, Co-Creative Works, LLC
Salt Lake City, UT


Rachel Bagby, Founder and President, Bagby Davidson and Associates
Charlottesville, VA


Mehran Ebrahimi, Owner, Pioneer Motors LLC
Arlington, VA


Fess Green, Professor of Business, Radford University
Radford, VA


Gary Harris, President/Owner, System4 Advertising Agency, Inc.
Roanoke, VA


Nikitah Imani, President and CEO, Reapalife
Harrisonburg, VA


Ronald Northrip, President, Ronald Northrip Software Incorporated
Arlington, VA


Wayne Potrafka, co-owner, Riverview Gallery , LLC
Portsmouth, VA


John Ralston, President, Bihrle Applied Research
Hampton, VA


Cynthia Rouillard, Co-President, Storm Graphic Arts
Montclair, VA


Joe Schiesl, Consultant, Physical Sciences and Engineering
Manassas, VA


Mary Steele, Owner, Office Support Services (Yorktown)
Yorktown, VA


Amy Ventura, Co-President, Storm Graphic Arts
Montclair, VA


Richard Welles, Retired,
Richmond, VA


Thomas Wolf, Attorney, LeClairRyan
Richmond, VA


James Bleau, Owner, Ancestral Voices
Essex Junction, VT


Nancy Braus, Co-Owner/Buyer, Everyone's Books
Brattleboro, VT


Jeffrey Hollender, Chairman, Sustain Natural
Burlington, VT


Donald Horenstein, Executive and Investment Analyst (ret)
Shelburne, VT


Robert Koier, Film Producer, Rob Koier Film Production
Burlington, VT


Raymond Mullineaux, Owner, Ray Mullineaux, Cabinetmaker
N. Bennington, VT


John Vansant, Principal & CFO, Smith & Vansant Architects PC
Norwich, VT


Keri Andrews, President, Webtronix
Bellevue, WA


Andrew Bacon, Owner, The Information Technology Consultancy
Tacoma, WA


Richard Baldwin, President, Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA


Eli Berniker, Professor of Business, Pacific Lutheran University
Puyallup, WA


Cheryl Broetje, Co-Owner, Broetje Orchards
Prescott, WA


John Burns, Owner, Discount Divers Supply
Seattle, WA


AJ Canepa, President and Lead Software Engineer, Runtime Logic
Redmond, WA


Sheila Cottrell, President, Sheila's Independent Bookkeeping, Inc.
Lynnwood, WA


Katherine Diamond, President, Fontis Design Group
Seattle, WA


Jean Hilde, Attorney/Owner, Law Office of Jean M. Hilde
Seattle, WA


Catherine Hillenbrand, Vice-President, Such a Deal Corporation
Seattle, WA


Joseph Hudson, President, Such a Deal Corp
Seattle, WA


David H. Jones, Respiratory Therapist, Stevens Hospital, Edmonds Washington
Seattle, WA


Kimerly King, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, compmh
Lakewood, WA


Constance Miller, Founder, Pivotal Presentations
Seattle, WA


John Moltz, Manager, Giant Squid Productions, LLC
Tacoma, WA


Sharon Robertson, Owner, Sorrento's Coffee
Bellevue, WA


Jim Sinegal, CEO, Costco
Issaquah, WA


Michael Spear, Cab Owner/Driver, STITA Taxi #83
SeaTac, WA


Lin Clousing, Legislative Chair, Business & Professional Women/WI
Thiensville, WI


Scott Fulton, CEO, BioSystem Development, LLC
Middleton, WI


Barbara Gruenwald, Partner, The Simple Soyman
Milwaukee, WI


Richard Ketring, President, VHS Commercial Services Inc.
Ashland, WI


Lorrie Krokstrom, Staff Services Supervisor, Marshfield Police Department
Marshfield, WI


Gary Lemke, Owner, Gary L. Lemke Landscaping
Potter, WI


Lark Paulson, Director of Membership Services, Dane Buy Local
Madison, WI


Paul Tabili, Vice President, New Paradigm Graphics Inc.
Mount Pleasant, WI


Terrell Ellis, President, Terrell Elllis & Associates, Inc.
Charleston, WV


Bruce Petersen, Medical Office, Petersen Clinic
Fayetteville, WV


Laura Phillips, President, The Phillips Group
Charleston, WV


Mary-Jane Rinker, District Sales Manager-Retired, Avon Products, Inc.
Inwood, WV


Barbara Henton, Executive Marketing Director, Traverse Global Communications
Jackson, WY

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