WGBH TV: How Would A $15 Minimum Wage Affect Massachusetts?

Greater Boston with Jim Braude
WGBH TV, Sept 20, 2017

It worked before and now, minimum wage activists are hoping it will work again. In 2014, Massachusetts lawmakers approved a measure to gradually raise the minimum wage. But they did it under pressure. If the lawmakers didn’t act, there was a ballot question ready to go, which would have let the people decide.

In the end, the minimum wage went from 8 to 11 dollars in the state. But then, the fight for 15 swept the country with protesters in dozens of cities, including here in Boston, calling for a $15 minimum wage. And once again, with a ballot question on the horizon for 2018, state lawmakers are taking a closer look. 

Bob Luz, president of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and Michel Kanter, co-owner of Cambridge Naturals, weigh in on the debate over the minimum wage with Jim.


Also https://youtu.be/9TRv1W5TMMQ

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