Greeley Tribune: Minimum wages set to increase, but will they matter in Weld?

By Sharon Dunn
Greeley Tribune, December 23, 2017

... Per Amendment 70, passed in 2016, the minimum wage increased $1 to $9.30 an hour this year; for 2018, the minimum wage will increase to $10.20 an hour; and to $7.18 an hour for tipped employees. The minimum wage will automatically increase each year until it hits $12 and $8.98 for tipped employees by 2020; afterward, annual increases will again be tied to inflation.

The increase, however, will likely affect fewer Greeley employers this year, many who are increasingly paying higher wages to keep their staffs from drifting to higher paying jobs elsewhere. ...

With unemployment hitting unprecedented lows all year long, and the demand for labor at a seemingly all-time high, employers are scrapping just to get candidates through the doors for interviews. ...

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