St. Louis Post Dispatch: For St. Louis, a statewide push to raise the minimum wage is a second chance in a familiar fight

By Celeste Bott
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Oct 25, 2018

For St. Louis officials, the discussion surrounding the state initiative known as Proposition B, which would gradually raise Missouri’s minimum wage to $12 an hour, triggers a bit of déjà vu. ...

Other businesses support the initiative, with 170 St. Louis employers signing onto a statement in support of Prop B. Several spoke to reporters on Thursday, contending that paying workers a little more actually boosts their bottom line.

“Paying fair wages is one of the smartest business moves I’ve ever made,” said Delmar Loop businessman and landlord Joe Edwards. “We don’t have nearly the employee turnover of others in the restaurant and service industry. That translates to better customer service and saves us time and money in recruiting and training costs.” ...

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