Kansas City Star: Editorial: Vote yes on Prop B to ever-so-gradually raise the minimum wage in Missouri

By the Editorial Board
Kansas City Star, Oct 24, 2018

         WATCH VIDEO The Rieger restaurant owner Howard Hanna talks about Missouri minimum wage vote  

As long as there has been a minimum wage, which began at 25-cents an hour in 1938, its opponents have been arguing that businesses would fail if we set one at all, or ever raised it.

That has not happened. Instead, a U.S. Census Bureau study published in March found that over two decades, increases benefited most low-income workers, especially in the long term, and improved the economy as a whole without causing job losses. ...

A single person would have to make a little more than $11 an hour just to survive in Kansas City, according to MIT’s living wage calculator. With one child, you’d need to make just over $24 an hour.

That’s why voters in Missouri should by all means vote yes on state ballot Proposition B, which would ever-so-gradually raise the minimum wage, by 85 cents per hour every year until it hits $12 an hour in 2023.

Low-income workers do spend what they make, so this would not only improve the circumstances of roughly a quarter of the state’s workforce, but would boost the state economy, too.

Increases tend to cut turnover, improve productivity, stimulate demand and narrow inequities. ...

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