KY3 TV (NBC): Minimum wage workers are expecting larger paychecks

By Raquel Harrington
KY3 TV News (NBC, Springfield, MO), Nov 8, 2018

Minimum wage workers in Missouri AND Arkansas, should be expecting larger paychecks starting next year.

I think it's pretty clear that it's pretty hard to live off minimum wage," said B2 Cafe employee Haley Ankely. After Tuesdays elections, it just may get a little easier, with the minimum wage going up to $8.65 an hour at the first of the year.

However, one local business owner says he already has to pay more than the state's lowest wage.

"There's been more demand, for employees that the market wages have been higher than the minimum wages for a while now," explained Bambinos and B2 Cafe Owner, Andy Faucett. "Even at $8 an hour we were having trouble finding help."

That's why starting wage is $9 at Bambinos, and B2 Cafe.

Facuett believes bringing in customer satisfaction and efficiency is key and employee satisfaction is equally as important.

"You want to be able to take care of your people, and as a local business I feel like most of the local business do a better job of that than a lot of your chains do," said Facuett.

Ankley has taken notice of this appreciation, saying "I'm a young women who's trying to make it on my own and so being able to have more than minimum wage makes me feel grateful for the company that i'm working for. because i know they have a higher value in me." ...


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