WAMU 88.5: Maryland Gears Up For A Fight Over Minimum Wage And Tipped Workers

By Ally Schweitzer
WAMU 88.5, Feb 8, 2019

With battles over the minimum wage temporarily on hold in D.C. and Virginia, the epicenter of the regional fight has shifted to Annapolis, Maryland. ...

Some business owners have also expressed support for the proposal, saying higher wages often benefit employers in the long run.

“Paying fair wages helps us attract and retain good employees, increase sales, expand our business and hire more people,” hardware store owner Gina Schaefer said in a statement from Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, a group that favors raising the wage to $15. “A happy, productive employee who knows our business not only saves us money, they help us retain and grow our customer base.” ...

2017 poll conducted by Maryland’s Goucher College found that 60 percent of respondents favor increasing the minimum wage to $15. ...

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