GQ: Dr. Bronner’s Soap Makes an Excellent Point About Mandatory Minimum Wage

By Luke Darby
GQ, Feb 26, 2019

Even in the nicest, friendliest of times, Twitter is an angry place. ...

In this environment, brands are struggling to figure out exactly what their voice and messaging should be, which is how we've ended up with woke Steak-umms and clinically depressed Sunny D. But all of them could take a lesson from a surprisingly reasonable, straightforward, and fully accurate soap.

The Twitter account for Dr. Bronner's...has been tweeting calls to raise the federal minimum wage for almost five years now. Over the past weekend, they did so once again with a direct, all-caps "RAISE THE FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE," followed by citation-filled corrections to people who replied that this was absurd or unfeasible.

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