KYW Newsradio (CBS): Supporters of livable wage hold day of action across Pa.

By Paul Kurtz
KYW Newsradio (CBS), May 23, 2019

PHILADELPHIA — Supporters of a $15 minimum wage held what they called a day of action in cities and townships across Pennsylvania Thursday. Philadelphia-area lawmakers went to a Suburban Station barbershop where the owner, Michael O'Conner, pays his staff nearly three times the minimum wage. 

"I know people say that if you do this you could kill small businesses, but we're a very small business. Five people here and four in our other. We have the same expenses and the same overhead and we seem to be doing all right," O'Conner said. 

He says it's all about retaining the workers he values.

"Guys have a personal relationship with their barbers. So you want to make sure when they come they get their guy," O'Conner explained. ...

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