PA HomePage/ WBRE/WYOU-TV: First Lady Frances Wolf Encourages Action to Increase Pennsylvania's Outdated Minimum Wage

By Jayne Ann Bugda
PA HomePage/ WBRE/WYOU-TV, June 13. 2019

LANCASTER (WBRE/WYOU-TV)  – First Lady Frances Wolf today met with employees of The Stroopie Co. at The Lancaster Sweet Shoppe. There the First Lady called on Pennsylvania legislators to support workers and finally increase the commonwealth's minimum wage to $15 per hour.

“Too many families in Pennsylvania are struggling to put food on their tables due to our outdated minimum wage, which is currently the lowest allowed by federal law and lags behind 29 other states,” First Lady Wolf said in a prepared release from PINS. ...

 The Stroopie Co. was established in 2008 to make high-quality Stroopies to sell in Lancaster and across the U.S. while also supporting refugees who are starting over in Lancaster by providing meaningful employment at a livable wage far above Pennsylvania’s current $7.25 per hour.

During the first lady’s visit to the Lancaster Sweet Shoppe, Stroopie Co. CEO Jennie Groff commented, “Stroopies Inc. is committed to serving the women that work for us well by laying out a plan to offer a thriving wage. We believe that we all benefit when we care for what God has given us to nurture. For this reason, as small business owners we support the minimum wage increase in PA.” ...

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