Arkansas Democrat Gazette: $10 minimum wage in state to start Wednesday

By Hunter Field
Arkansas Democrat Gazette, December 31, 2019 

Arkansans earning the state's minimum wage will receive a $1,560 raise in 2020 as the state's bottom wage increases to $10 an hour under an initiated act passed in 2018. Under the voter-approved initiative, Arkansas businesses must pay employees no less than $10 an hour starting Wednesday -- a 75-cent increase from the current $9.25 per hour minimum wage. ... The 2020 wage increase is the second step of a three-year phase-in that will ultimately raise the Arkansas minimum wage to $11 an hour in 2021. ...

Little Rock city director and restaurant owner Capi Peck, who campaigned for the 2018 initiative, said that ... raising the minimum wage was simply the right thing to do, and she said that she'd support raising it to $12 per hour in the future.

"I think that consumers will see little price increases, especially at some of the big box chains and restaurants," Peck said. ... "I don't think we should have families struggling to make ends meet." ...

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